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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit: Biggest Winner?

When you want something, 
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
~Paulo Coelho

Today seemed to be the day I wanted to make a change. Sometime after 3:00 I took a walk during my break. This is the first time I have done this in months. I talked to a friend over the phone during this 15 minute break and I walked about 10 minutes of it. I told her I really wanted to do something, but couldn't figure out what. I left the office around 6:00 and thought I would hit the gym....uh, so did everyone else in town with New Year's Resolutions. I drove into the parking lot, did a u-turn and headed home. While at home I received a call on my cell from an unknown number. It was the customer service rep for one of my gym memberships. He called to tell me that our gym was holding a "Biggest Winner" contest. It is free to sign up. All I had to do was register, take a before picture, weigh in and commit to weighing in 2x per month. The challenge runs 90 days from the first weigh in date and all contestants must weigh in by 1/31/12. A game player might pack on pounds before their weigh in, me, I have enough packed on already that I don't need anymore. The challenge is based on body fat percentage which is different than percent of weight loss. I have an athletic build, am a bit top heavy and pounds lost on the scale do not always accurately reflect my fitness level. I have no delusions that I'll win anything, but I am pretty excited about the challenge. Talk about timing!

I couldn't shake wanting to do something and so I did what I almost never do. I went to the gym. I went to gym alone. I went to the gym at 8:45 PM. The timing couldn't have been better. The Biggest Loser was on TV and I just trucked along. I started with a 5 minute walk and was hoping to do 30 minutes total of a walk/run combination. I looked down and realized I had been jogging for 10 minutes straight, so I challenged myself to run 5 more minutes. Then 5 more and 5 more until at some point I felt too uncomfortable. The result? A 5 minute warm up, 45 minutes jogging and a 10 minute walking cool down. I didn't run fast. Most wouldn't call it running. Whatever label you slap on it, I moved for 1 hour then did a nice round of strength training exercises including 3x 20 second planks as recommended by The Hard Core Club.

I am so excited I was motivated to do this today, I sure hope I am as motivated tomorrow. Goals for now:
  1. Get to the gym as often as possible
  2. Drink more water
I am fighting the urge to tack on too many goals like a daily calorie limit, food restrictions and specific training goals. I do have a half marathon training plan that I am following starting today. It is very basic and designed for a novice runner. On the schedule today was 2 miles. Having run my fair share of half marathons I know that this plan is too simple for me, but I also know that I am not running this half for time, I am running it to complete it with my cousin who is running her first half. I am treating this plan as a "minimum" training commitment. My plan is to see how I feel each workout and not up my mileage more than is incrementally appropriate to avoid injury. Depending on this "Biggest Winner" commitment I may re-evaluate my training plan in a month and modify.

The Big Picture: I am excited to weigh in tomorrow and start my 90 days. This is just a small challenge, but one that can set the tone for the remainder of the year and I appreciate the free accountability.
Why I Kick A$$: Today I got it done.

Thankful Three
  1. For the call from the gym rep
  2. For a supportive hubby who told me he was proud of me
  3. For The Hard Core club


Jamoosh said...

3 x 20 = AWESOME! You will be up to 30 seconds and then 45 in no time!

Christi said...

Good luck with your challenges!