Slow and Steady

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Motivation: Drive Thru Closed

Ice cream is exquisite. 
What a pity it isn't illegal. 

Tonight was my second weigh in for the 90 day challenge at the gym. It's day 27, I have only lost one pound and I am calling it success! The middle of this month I actually had started gaining mad amounts of weight. Staying up late and eating late were the prime factors there. I am happy to report I pulled it together these last two weeks and started drinking more water, eating healthier snacks at work and not eating after 8:00PM. Overall good, but just doesn't seem like enough. The problem with easing into a solid health routine is that the results are also going to ease on. I wish I could just wake up skinny, strong, well rested and energized. I wish. I wish. I wish. Damn it, my wishing thingamajig is broken.

After the gym weigh in where I lost my one pound and wait for it.... gained .3 on my body fat percentage (lame), I decided I needed an ice cream sundae. I went straight to the Mc Donald's drive through where my emotional eating plans were foiled by a sign that the drive thru was closed during construction. Annoyed, I drove away as I am far to lazy to park the car, go into the dining room and order a sundae. Instead, I went home, did a little Insanity warm up and a weights and core routine. Oh and to top it off I drank my one of my Amazing Grass Samples.

Have you tried Amazing Grass? I just started on Saturday and I have a week's worth of samples. On Saturday I tried the Lemon Lime Energy one and really felt a boost, Sunday was the berry flavored superfood, not really noticeable feeling that day and tonight was the regular superfood. So far I have just had them with water and they are pretty... um... interesting? The powder doesn't dissolve and while I don't mind the flavor, I can't say most would be able to tolerate drinking this mixed with water or juice. I plan to blend the chocolate flavored one into a smoothie tomorrow and see how that goes. I like the product, but don't envision myself mixing with water in the future, it may become a smoothy only supplement. I am looking forward to trying the "amazing meal" versions of the powder which pack a bigger nutritional punch.

Why I Kick A$$: Because I hit the gym yesterday morning when I realized I had an unexpected break in my morning when I was out of town. Gotta love having a gym bag in the car and a "all club" 24 hr fitness membership.
The Big Picture: I still have 63 days to to achieve more noticeable results in the 90 day challenge.
Thankful Three
  1. For the health and well being of my family
  2. For the wonderful French Toast Muffin Recipe from pinterst, it made for a great treat today
  3. For my bag of gala apples Super Hubby surprised me with today, I love him


Christi said...

You are going to do great over the next 60 some days. Go get 'em!

sofia said...

Awesome job going to the gym! Seems like you're making it more of a habit. I'm proud of you!

Jamoosh said...

Just keep it going. One day you'll wake up to the results you are looking for!

ajh said...

Keeping a gym bag in the car is a great idea. And a pound loss is moving in the right direction.