Slow and Steady

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit: Two at a Time

Happiness lies, first of all, in health. 
~George William Curtis, Lotus-Eating

I think two workout days in a row is my max right now. High five for me for recognizing it early and reacting. While I wanted to go to the gym tonight, I started to feel tired and my left shoulder was acting up again. Instead of feeling lame for not hitting the gym and sitting on the couch watching TV, I attempted some CORE but only survived a couple planks. I got in 2x20 sec reg. planks, but my shoulders couldn't stand much more and I skipped the side planks.

I get "relax the shoulders" as a theory, but how do you do that during planks?
I busted out the foam roller and tried to open up my shoulders...good, but not great. I really need to figure this one out. Feels yucky. Tomorrow is chiropractor day....YAY!! I might need to get a massage in there this week too.

The Big Picture: A routine doesn't have to be everyday, just consistent.
Why I Kick A$$: Because I am excellent at playing ice cream store...I had a great time having some one on one time with my Bug tonight.
Thankful Three:
  1. For my foam roller
  2. For reduced price registration Survivor Mud Run
  3. For Super Hubby-he agreed to do the mud run with me!


Jamoosh said...

I coming to the ice cream store!

Relax your shoulders by not clenching your fist or any other part of your arm. Sometimes when we do exercises that are harder we clench different body parts as a mechanism to help get us through it.

For kicks, bend your arm and clench your fist and try to feel it all the way up to your shoulder and you will know what I mean.

Christi said...

"A routine doesn't have to be everyday, just consistent." I love this so much!

Suzie Thomas said...

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