Slow and Steady

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Motivation: Perfect Intentions

There are no perfect men in this world, 
only perfect intentions. 
~Pen Densham, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

This weekend I had every intention of working out Saturday and Sunday, but Saturday I was hurting. I must have pinched a nerve or something, my left neck shoulder area was killing me. I tried to suck it up, but by 4:00 I was frantically calling massage therapists to no avail. I put out a plea on FB for a chiropractor and got a great lead from my TRI Club. I have an appt on Wednesday and I am so hopeful that with some progressive treatments I will be back to my old self. So what did I do Saturday instead? Well we had a fabulous family day at the Sacramento Zoo. Then spent lots of time stretching, using the foam roller to regain some mobility and a little yoga. My little Bug tired to get in on the action too. Yes I know my form is bad in this picture, but I was trying give my baby some room on my mat.

Sunday was pretty close to a dream day. I woke up pretty leisurely, dropped my son off at Temple preschool and went with one of the preschool moms to the gym. The Bug stayed home for Sunday football with Super Hubby. We finished our workouts, hit up Peets for a latte and ran into another set of parents from preschool. It was so fun! Then it was time for a little Costco run with my munchkins while my hubby slept off his headache.

Today was a great scheduled day. I took a couple hours off work this AM, dropped the kids off at school, met with our loan officer after work, hit the gym, had another meeting, Top Ramen and grilled cheese for dinner and play time with the kids. I even added the side planks to my routine, from the Hard Core workout regime.

The Big Picture: A little bit everyday really adds up.
Why I Kick A$$: Because I am still on track with the gym workouts
Thankful Three
  1. For homemade trailmix
  2. For Parenthood on Netflix
  3. For the treadmill...I kind of like it!


Jamoosh said...

Hey, I think the kid has better form than you!!!


Christi said...

Okay this is too funny... "For Parenthood on Netflix" When I saw that this movie was on Netflix the other day I was ecstatic. I love that movie!

I hope you are feeling better! Love the pics of your yoga partner!

Anonymous said...

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