Slow and Steady

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Turn Around: 90 Days

Goals are dreams with deadlines.  
~Diana Scharf Hunt

Wednesday Hump Day sounds funny. Like an out and back run, Wednesday marks the turn around to the work week. This week it is even better since I had Monday off. Yesterday I wrote about the new fitness challenge I am doing at the gym. I'll have to admit that I am a little disappointed at the organization of the event at my first weigh in today. I am optimistic though and realize that I am not going to win any prizes so need to be too annoyed. I went to "weigh" in which consisted of a stand in trainer who asked me how much I weighed. There was no scale. Then had me hold the hand held body fat percentage machine. He also measured my neck, waist at the belly button and hips. They didn't have the gym camera available so he said I could come back to another weigh in or email a photo. I opted to email a photo. OMG, my hubby took the photo and when I looked, I really felt bad. It was a bit worse than I had realized. All the more reason I need to do this.

Today is DAY 1 of the 90 Day Challenge. I went to the gym again tonight and took it easy on the treadmill, 5 minute walk, 25 minute jog, 10 minute walk. I did a few step ups and 3 sets of planks. Not a big work out, but a work out nonetheless. Tonight I struggled, as I did last night, with not pushing myself. I need to take this Challenge slow and not burn out. I want to complete the 90 days and not give up in a week or two. I don't want to go so overboard that I am awesome 1 week and back on the couch the next. What I find difficult is that I know how to do all the exercises everyone else is doing at the gym, I have run faster and longer than I am doing now and used to spend more time in the gym than I am now. It is tough to block those things out and stay focused on just rebuilding a routine and rebuilding my body.

The Big Picture: Who cares if the weigh in was less than organized, I went and having that motivation to participate is really key for me right now.
Why I Kick A$$: I hit the gym for the 2nd day in a row.

Thankful Three:
  1. For Chobani being on sale
  2. For a nice visit with my niece
  3. For a short work week


Christi said...

I overdid it this week in one workout and now I am paying for it. Major DOMS. I am trying not to let it kill my enthusiasm. I guess I will follow your lead!

Good luck with your challenge! You can do it!

sofia said...

Great job! I'm super proud of you for taking on this challenge at the gym. way to be proactive!

The Jesse said...

Good luck with your 90 day challenge! I think its a really smart idea that you are taking it slow so you don't burn out :)