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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday Sampler: Another Epic Weekend

A good friend is cheaper than therapy. 
~Author Unknown

I had to use Epic, because my husband was recently entertained by how frequently this term is thrown around. This weekend is epic in that I have a lot of friend time built into one weekend. It is no secret that being social is not my strong suit, nor is having enough time to really do many of the things I'd like to do. With this three day weekend again babysitter, a lot is going down:

Friday Night: Started the weekend off right by leaving work relatively on time, getting McDonald's Happy Meals and watching Tangled with munchkins.

Saturday: Leisurely wake up with my very cooperative kiddos, laundry, Noah's bagels and then off to the office for a couple hours of catch up. Phew, I definitely needed that. Then a trip out to Knights Ferry for a run, that turned into a dip in the freezing cold river. Lovely place to visit, great covered bridge and behind the house in the photo you can see a trail. That trail is only .9 up, but is a 100 ft elevation gain in that .9 on sandy, rocky trail. Great hill workout if you can make it up. I made it up twice, coming down was another story. After a short run and hike my cousins and I took a nice refreshing "recovery" dip in the Stansislaus River.....BRRRRR. Very, super duper, like a lot, cold.

After a hot shower, I got a chance to meet up with my friend W who is seriously a ray of sunshine. We had dinner a pub, had some Starbucks where I may or may not have eaten a birthday cake cake pop and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie at the theater. Dark movie, some creative liberties, but not too distracting if you take it for a movie.

Tomorrow is a day in San Francisco with W and my other friend AW. What's on the docket, walking and eating. LOL we are simple girls, it doesn't take much. Monday I get to head East Bay and do a little shopping and eating with some friends from work and I am really looking forward to that too. Have I completely abandoned my family you ask? No, my hubby is up north fishing, but will be home tomorrow and get his one on one time with the kids Monday. My kiddos today and tomorrow are having an amazing time with their grandparents and I can't wait to see them tomorrow tonight. A quiet house while lovely just seems a bit too quiet for my liking.

On the training front, I obviously got my workout in today. Earlier this week I laid off the efforts to give my shoulder some down time. If I don't sleep too late tomorrow, I may hit the gym before we head to SF. Monday is also a gym day for me and I am feeling good with my running mileage. Slow and steady.

The Big Picture: Friendships require time and I am very fortunate for the time this weekend to reconnect with some amazing people.
Why I Kick A$$: I dunked completely underwater in freezing cold water....well I thought that kicked A$$.
Thankful Three
  1. My Husband...I love him to pieces
  2. My Kids...they are just so wonderful
  3. A three day weekend

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Christi said...

I love three day weekends!

The run you did looks very cool and interesting!