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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five: Selfish

Selfish: I run for me.
A late night five, but five!
  1. I put out a plea on Facebook and totally scored. My son goes to religious pre-school on Sunday's and one of the mom's has a member ship at the same gym I go to and we will be hitting the gym together on Sunday's while our kids are in school. Super excited!
  2. While I took Thursday off for a family night with my aunts & uncles from out of town and tonight to hang out with my husband, I am not at all feeling like I am derailed because I am so excited that I have plans to work out both Saturday and Sunday.
  3. I talked with my cousin who is just getting into the workout scene and we both registered for a half marathon in March. Shamrock'n. I am so excited, and I got to personalize my bib too! iRun4Me. Since this is her fist it is going to be all about the experience and I am so excited I get to run her first half with her.
  4. Discovered a new flavor of tamale! The local market made cherry flavor masa and my family added sweeten dried coconut, pineapple and raisin. The freak'n bomb! Yes I just said the bomb.
  5. I am going to try for a sitter tomorrow so hubby and I can go on a date. I am thinking matinee and sushi lunch.
The Big Picture: A new take on fitness this year is going to be great for me. Less about successes and "failures" and more about moving forward.
Why I Kick A$$: Because I feel pretty great about myself this week. It is amazing what a couple workouts can do for my week... maybe it was the tamales.

Thankful Three
  1. For time to blog
  2. For the tamale I am about to eat
  3. For the weekend

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Christi said...

You are having a great start to your year. Congrats!