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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Bye Bye 2011

Year's end is neither an end 
nor a beginning but a going on, 
with all the wisdom 
that experience can instill in us.  
~Hal Borland

I have been loving everyone's year end recaps and goals for 2012 posts. Really so motivational. Taking off from my last post about being unoriginal, I am going to go ahead and follow suit.

Here are some highlights on what I planned to do and what I actually did:
For Mental Me: Be more confident. How?
  1. Take a self defense class. CHECK
  2. Start including at the end of every blog post (along with the regular thankful three) a self esteem booster. Why I kick a$$: CHECK
I had a "For Physical Me: Maintain and Build. How?" category. I didn't put the effort in to achieve those so I'll spare you the bullet by bullet recap. I will say, despite my 10 lb. weight gain this year, that the measurements I posted about my belly in 2011 stayed the same....must have gone straight to my a$$ LOL.

I noticed folks recapping their race years and so I headed over to my Athlinks account to check out what I had done? I have 7 events on there and 1 that didn't post. 6 of my 8 events were done January to May. Then 1 in October and 1 in November. I had a great start to the year last year. I PR'd my 10K, I PR'd my half marathon and was very excited about each because I had actually worked hard for each of those events. It was pretty down hill from there. I had way too much life happening last year.

2011 Life Cycle Event Recap
  • Lost my 18 yr old cousin to cancer
  • Lost my grandmother and last living grandparent
  • Was promoted at my job
  • My kids turned 4 and 2 and boy is it awesome at this age
  • Celebrated our cousin's son's Bar Mitzvah, the first in this generation of kids
  • Celebrated 7 years with my husband
  • Gain a sister-in-law
What are my rock'n plans for New Year's Eve? Well my new SIL convinced me that we needed to drive to LA (don't ask how long it took, we were flying down, not literally either) and go to Disneyland. So last night we drove, got to her BFF's, had a few hours of sleep and now we are off to the Happiest Place on Earth! We should be in Disneyland shortly. I will miss being with Super Hubby and the kids tonight, but I know I'll have a great time and don't really get this opportunity often.

The Big Picture: Life is a work in progress, it will have many successes and failures. My main goal in life and resolution every year is to keep moving forward, life is meant to be lived.
Why I Kick A$$: Deciding last minute to go to Disneyland is a pretty spontaneous thing, I am not so spontaneous, so this is awesome.

Thankful Three:
  1. For my amazing family
  2. For a weekend with my SIL and her super awesome BFF
  3. For having Monday off to recover from my spontaneity

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Jamoosh said...

You definitely kicked A$$ in 2011. Continue the trend in 2012!