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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five: I Heart Food

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women.
~American Heart Association

  1. With so many health issues in our extended family recently, the big New Year's resolution wave on Facebook and the push of whole foods in blog world, I figured it was time to at least pay attention. At the urging of a friend, my hubby and I finally watched Fork over Knife. We couldn't finish it in one sitting (I fell asleep), but day two we wrapped it up and feel somewhat more informed. The statistical data was quite interesting and we enjoyed seeing how focused some people were in committing to a whole food-plant based diet. I don't think either of us are ready to totally vegan or even vegetarian for that matter. With the changes Super Hubby has made on his own these last couple of weeks and my desire to shrink my waistline, I can definitely say I am being more conscience with my food choices this week. I love having the support knowing Super Hubs is on the same page. He has tried to indulge me in the past, but usually not for long because he was doing it for me, now that he is doing it for himself, it is so much easier for me to ride the amazing waves he is making. He's already down 1 belt size in less than 2 weeks and his objective is not even to lose weight!
  2. I found a great little 10 day pledge from Tonia on Racing with Babes that she found HERE. I am following some, but not all. I am trying to ease in and while these 10 things seem perfectly reasonable, it is actually really hard for me so most is better than none. It is the breads that get me most I think.
  3. Workouts, what's working and what's not? Late nights while good for my work out, totally screw my schedule, I get to bed late and am tired in the morning. After work gym time is good if I actually force myself to leave the office. Weekends are going ok, with Sunday's almost being a shoe for a fun work out with a fellow pre-school mom. Well I looked back at January and on average I was only working out 2x per week. It is better than nothing, much better than December which was pretty close to zero and about on par with how I was in November post a late October half marathon. My goal, if I dare state one, is to work out a bit more in February. I hate that I am afraid to put a number on it, I am afraid I'll fail if I do. So I will play it relatively safe. With 29 days in the month of February this year, I will say that 10 would be good, 15 delightful and anything more than that freak'n amazing.
  4. It's Super Bowl weekend! Woo Hoo! Just kidding, I am not really so much into football.
  5. I signed up my son for tot soccer, should be interesting. He is very energetic so running is not a problem, running with a purpose...well we might not be there yet.
Why I Kick A$$: I did hit the gym yesterday after work, but before my fancy chiropractic appt.
The Big Picture: Try new things that are healthy for me in any increment is a good thing. I don't have to be a vegan today or ever, but raw whole foods are yummy and any portion of said food daily helps me be a better me.
Thankful Three
  1. For a husband that leads by example
  2. For heart health awareness month
  3. For being 1 day closer to the weekend


ajh said...

And now TG it is the weekend. Took forever!

Have a good one!

Christi said...

Baby steps lead to habit and habit leads to change. That is the way I am approaching this year!

Hey, just checkin' did you receive a package yet?