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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Turn Around: and like... and then...and then

Young people tell what they are doing, 
old people what theyhave done and 
fools what they wish to do.
~French Proverb
Wednesday HUMP day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. This week is extra special because I have Friday off so Wednesday is kinda like Thursday, right? If that wasn't awesome enough, I have 4 day work weeks next week and the week after too! Any of you who read my blog even somewhat regularly know I am a teenager trapped in a 31 year old body. Today I feel like that is exaggerated because I have a bazillion things I want to talk about and I can hardly breathe in between thoughts about what I want to say. I remind myself of my niece who when she tells stories, doesn't take a breath, doesn't finish sentences and runs 4 different thoughts into one run on thought. I seriously envy the fancy bloggers who keep their thoughts so focused. I will do my best, but here is a list of the things I want to tell you about. I won't go into detail on all of them, but at least you'll have some idea of what is swimming in my brain. Maybe if I dump them all out, I will have declutter and tempered the excitement in this teenage brain. Ok, duck, the bullets are about to come flying:
  • I slept great and could breath all night! Thank you generic musinex
  • Last night I dreamt my husband and I was cruising along on a 4 mile run and decided to make it 8 and we were in my home town running around the little lake that is there. I was so happy.
  • I only worked 8 hours
  • I got Starbucks for breakfast today and my skinny vanilla latte sucked. I ordered 3 petite vanilla scones. I ate the first one and it was not yummy. I was so happy! I felt so bad about the junky McDonald's visit yesterday that I loved having an excuse to get out of this mornings poor food choices. So I dumped my drink and gave away the 2 other scones. Old me would have made myself miserable and crammed it all down.
  • Yesterday before the McDonald's debacle I had the most fantastic breakfast at work.
  • I went on both my breaks at work. 1/2 mile each glad I walked, wish I had a warmer jacket today, freezing! Ok, freezing for Central California.
  • I went to Krav Maga tonight and completely bruised my knuckles. I can't even make a fist on my right hand. IT.IS.AWESOME. I have this weird thing about bruises. I love that it makes me look hard core. On the flip side, I have bruising from poor form on my jabs and we were not wearing gloves tonight. Lesson? Correct punch form and wear wrist wraps to every session just in case we don't use gloves that day.
  • I did 300 CORE exercises today. I am feeling fit today.
  • Hubby ran 2 miles again tonight. It's so cool. Maybe some day in a Galaxy Far Far Away my Padawan husband will become a running Jedi.
  • I am fine tuning my training plan, but am using google docs and am hoping to uploaded for all you fancy people to critique sometime soon.
  • No my vision board isn't done, but I am ready to add some none fitness goals on there. Where to start? What fun none fitness things are on your "vision boards'?
  • I went to book club last night and we met at a trendy upscale Mexican restaurant. The food was amazing. I grew up in a very tradition Mexican home and am a harsh judge on food. This place nailed the traditional flavors while also elevating the flavor profiles to a please even the most refined palates.
  • I love book club. I love wine club. I love book club and I love that my wine club representative is in my book club and personally delivers my quarterly wine club bottles.
  • Conversation once we briefly discussed this months book ranged from Paleo diet to calling donut shops to ensure our favorite donuts will be hot and fresh when we want to pick them up.
Ok, it's all out. I don't know which one that I want to elaborate on, I just feel super happy, hyper and excited to be me today. So maybe I'll pick one and talk more about it another time.
How are you feeling today?
Why I Kick A$$: Today I did everything right. I got everything done that I wanted to get done and just over all feel like a damn rock star. I.LOVE.MY.LIFE.

Thankful Three
  1.  For sodium packed microwavable chicken pot pies
  2. Mangoes
  3. For good reading time with my little ones tonight, I have really cool kids.


P said...

This post is awesome, I just love your enthusiasm!!!
I feel the same way about bruises and scrapes, too funny. Even if other people just think I'm clumsy, I know I'm bruised because I'm so hardcore. :-)

Christi said...

That food looks marvelous!

gmontalvo13 said...

i love a good breakfast!

ajh said...

I always like to know what people are reading. What was the book club book? Congrats on throwing away the rest of the food that wasn't worth it!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Thanks everyone. Book Club book this month was In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.