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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Everything is Going Perfectly

Insist on yourself; never imitate.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ok so not exactly perfectly, perfect would've been having 2 runs done during the week. Since that is the only thing missing, I'm going with perfect!

Fortune Cookie Follow Up
Sometime last month I got a great fortune in a cookie for once...usually there are more lame statements rather than fortunes. You can read that post HERE. So the fortune said I was going to make a change for the better within the year. I played with the language a little and wondered if that meant by the end of 2010 or a year from when I got the fortune. Well I can't pinpoint which is right, but it has happened. CHANGE.FOR.THE.BETTER. For the last couple weeks I gone to bed in peace, woken up in peace and dare I say HAPPY, and have had very little if any anxiety. So here are some reasons why all is right in the world.
  1. I cleared my schedule in December. It is amazing the perspective you get when you give yourself time see what's going on in life.
  2. I was forced into some extra responsibility the last couple of weeks at work. Net result was that I focused more on my organization so I could fit everything in and found out I was slacking too much. Not slacking in a super bad way because I am excellent at what I do, but I did find myself not pushing myself harder. So now I am doing more of the above and beyond more consistently.
  3. Not being stressed or bored at work means I go to work with a smile and come home without being worried about what is due the next day.
  4. Freeing up my schedule has meant lots more time with my family.
  5. Being home more has gotten my husband and I in better sync. He used to have to do everything, now we have a dance. We share pick up and drop off responsibility, making dinner, doing dishes, doing laundry and coordinating bath time. I am happier to be contributing more consistently and my husband seems happy that we are more of a team.
This was my first full week of Krav Maga. I was concerned being gone during dinner would negatively affect the progress clearing my schedule made, but it was good this week. The family did dinner. I came home and folded laundry while they were doing bath time and did dishes while they put their PJ's on and brushed their teeth. This left plenty of play time and wind down time before bed. I played team mate with my hubby and still got family time. SCORE! Ok, back to Krav Maga. I love it. I.LOVE.IT! Every session I have learned something new and gotten a great work out. Even better, they stretch before hand and integrate cardio into the instruction. There is plenty of lateral movement and I totally feel my hips getting the workout they need. Between 2 kids and running my hips need some work. I am not talking flabby fat kind of work because they do need that too, but really just strength work. I think I need to get contacts again. My glasses are starting to get in the way of knee kicks to the face. The down side is I have found I am pretty visually impaired. I hate how it creeps up on you, but my vision is getting progressively worse.
CORE Work Update
Super signed up to do this with me and he has done fantastically so far. The goal is 52,052 CORE in 2011. This breaks down to 1001 per week for 52 weeks. Why not a straight 1000? I don't know, when I was doing math that is how it came out. So now that I am belaboring the issue, I will probably just change it to an even 52,000. Today at Krav Maga I did 265 different CORE things including: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Hindu Push-ups (?), Climbers and Burpies. So Much Fun!!!

Do you believe cravings tell you something? I don't know what this means, but this is my post workout meal. I know too much food, but I was starving and all this sounded so yummy. I know I won't lose weight eating like this, but some times I can't help it. Yams, yogurt, boiled eggs, waffle with peanut butter and Tillamook cheddar cheese, HEAVEN!!

Why I Kick A$$: Because today I woke up and realized I feel 100% like myself. Not what anyone wants me to be, not what I think I should be, JUST ME.

Thankful Three
  1. Yams for breakfast
  2.  Finding new bloggers I can totally identify with
  3. CORE work


Christi said...

I love this statement "...I feel 100% like myself. Not what anyone wants me to be, not what I think I should be, JUST ME."

That is excellent and I want to get there. Any hints?

Andrew Opala said...

Don't kid yourself ... reading magazines makes you gain weight!

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! And woo hoo for feeling like yourself. That is ULTRA important. :)

P said...

I love that you took the time to clarify that it's Tillamook cheese. I'm a cheese girl and I LOVE Tillamook!