Slow and Steady

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Sicky is Sucky

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.
~Thomas Jefferson

Why do I do this to myself? I am totally superstitious. I am all about not talking during a no hitter. Never tempt fate. Well Amanda B HERE posted recently a question: Do you sweat out sickness or take time off. I of course threw my 2 cents in citing my vast experience sweating it out as a basketball player....uh, yeah that was 11 years ago. My body is not quite up for sweating it out anymore. Saturday I ran, it was more of a jog, but I got out there and it didn't kill me. Sunday I got to run with my niece which was supposed to be a treat! An easy run while chatting it up. Uh, yeah again, didn't exactly work for me. 1. I was still sick 2. my niece is way faster than I am. Did I stop there? Nope. Haven't I told you lately that I am brilliant? Actually I was on a runner's high because I ran my fastest mile in 11 years with her that night. So Sunday my throat is obviously shredded with all the heavy breathing. I could consider a job with a sexy hotline with the new raspy voice I have and my recent training to become a professional heavy breather. Ok, so any way, Monday I wake up and I have the day off. Did I rest? Nope, went for another run with my niece. Great run, but I totally crashed in the afternoon. Completely fatigued, light headed and dizzy. Needless to say I skipped my Self Defense class Monday night and again last night. It has been two days since my last run and I confess, I JINXED myself. I am sick. Like actually sick. It started in my chest last week and started to go away until Saturday-Monday when I decided to "sweat it out." Since Saturday, my sickness has spread to my throat and yesterday morning for an bonus sucky points, it spread to my sinuses.

The real question here is, will I attempt to sweat it out next time or rest? Well maybe I did learn a little lesson, I didn't force myself to go to self defense and I have taken 2 full days off so far. Maybe I'm learning?! Who am I kidding? If I could stop coughing for more than a couple minutes at a time I would totally be working out, unfortunately I am afraid I might cough up a lung and I kind of need mine. Ok Mr. Jefferson, great quote, health is more valuable, but while I nurse myself back to health, I am going to have to opt for some reading, blogs count, right?

Why I Kick A$$: For finally scheduling a pedicure. It takes a real women to take responsibility for neglected gnarly toes. 
Thankful Three:
  1. For girlfriends who value pedicures as much as I do
  2. New followers, welcome!
  3. For Costco Churros and Berry Sundaes


Molly said...

I follow that rule that if the sickness is above the neck, I work out. If it's in the chest,then it's sofa city baby.

Christi said...

I am with Molly, thought I have been know to sweat it out. I am not too bright.

ajh said...

I'm thankful for Vita Tops at Costco and on sale to boot!

Jill said...

Churros rock no matter where you buy then - but Costco has the best price on them :). Feel better soon...and perfect time to do some blog catch up for sure!