Slow and Steady

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Fulfillment

It ought to be lovely to be old, To be full of the peace that comes with experience And wrinkled ripe fulfillment.
~D.H. Lawerence

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Why I Kick A$$: My team building idea for my staff of 9 is going to be expanded to the whole office of 50. I am kinda brilliant that way.

Thankful Three:
  1. Netflix so I can watch movies in the kitchen while making fudge, rice krispy treats and fruity pebbles treats for my New Years Resolutions team meeting at work
  2. For lasagna and herb salad for dinner
  3. For the nifty photo tool I learned about today 


Jamoosh said...

I am in the presence of brilliance - sweet!

Molly said...

cool photo book! and congrats on the work idea!

Andrew Opala said...

that a neat website ... and a good idea!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Love this! I know you so much better. I loved Little Bee (made me cry and sad for days though. And want to change the world in a big big big way). Still haunts me. HUnger all three of them. Love that you kick ass so much!

Is the girls with the dragon whatever...the other book you had in there good?

Oh, and loved the pic of the dirty red shoes on your feet.


P said...


Christi said...

I love your photos! You do have an adorable family!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Thanks everyone, I love this neat photo box program. Does anyone have suggestions for a slideshow/video style one?

@Amanda, I am still not done with girl with the dragon tattoo, but it's good so far. I also cried with Little Bee and felt so humbled