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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday: Definitions as told by a 3 year old

Jill over at Running to Sanity had an interesting post about distance definitions. She was watching some show following some runner doing a "marathon". It turned out to be a half marathon. It is annoying that people refer to any distance as a marathon, short marathon, mini-marathon and other terms with marathon in them, but whatever. New runners will quickly learn the definition of a marathon and the weight that it carries to say you've done one. Non-runners will not get it, you can explain it, but be prepared to come across sounding like a running snob. What I personally don't like is race schwag that doesn't give credit where credit is due. I love my Nike Women's Marathon necklace. I don't like that all finishers including half marathoner's got the same design. If you are only in it for the necklace, go for the 1/2 marathon.

My 3-year son ran the 1/4 mile Run Against Hunger last Thursday, he got the same blue ribbon all the kids got for finishing and was very proud of himself. When family came over for Thanksgiving dinner they asked the Duder about his ribbon. He then proceeded to tell everyone that he, "won a marathon" and when asked if anyone else did the race he said, "yes, but they didn't win." Oh, boy! I will skip the distance definition lesson with my 3-yr old. Also, I am fairly sure he gets his competitive spirit from his Papa aka Super Hubby so don't blame me for his level of confidence.

Thankful Three
  1. For a really talented cousin who is sewing a few things for me including an apron with a day of the dead pattern
  2. For crazy amounts of change. Some people don't like change or they find it difficult. I find it hilarious because for me, it comes is such large doses no other other reaction other than laughing insanely is appropriate.
  3. For Liz Lemon, I am pretty sure we're soul mates


Christi said...

Yea, for the little guy!

P said...

One of my friends on FB was posting pics of her husband's "marathon," which was a 5K and I nearly went INSANE not correcting it. But, like you said, I would only come across bad, so I kept my mouth shut.
Congrats to the Duder for winning his race! :P

Robin said...

I hear you on the crazy amounts of change.
I'm going through that too.For me change is
such a great part of life, it keeps us all on our toes!