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Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Five: 2010 Recap... I know original huh!

Maxim for life: You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.
~Wayne Dyer
Today I had to miss a running date with two fantastic girls. I have the day off, my hubby had to work and the course was not jogging stroller friendly. I was bummed. My hubby texted me and said, why don't you pack up the kids, run to his work and he'd take us to lunch. Apparently I have taught my husband to treat me like a runner, but...I.DID.NOT.WANT.TO.GO. Running with a jogging stroller is hard, it was cold out and lets face it, I was still pouting about not being able to run with friends, on trails instead of country road. It would have been so fun. This hesitation only lasted about 30 seconds before I was dressed and bundling up the kiddos for a run. We only went 2.82 miles, but that is more than zero and I was ok with our 11:29 pace because my double jogger isn't as light as I would like it to be.
1. 2010 Resolutions
I didn't really have any resolutions this year. I think I started the year with this blog thinking I was going to lose weight and document it. I somewhat did that, but it wasn't my pure focus. I am down 20 pounds from this same day last year and I am pretty proud of that and look forward to showing I can maintain it.
2. Unintended Results
I ran a 10 K in January 2010, then an 8K in February. Suddenly I found that I was doing at least an event a month and thought wow I should totally finish the year with an event every month! Great idea, right? Wrong. I signed up last minute for a 10 miler this month to round out the year only to find out I didn't have an official event for September. Bummer. I signed up to participate in Run for the Bling of It in 2011. Hopefully it works out. Here is what my 2010 Race schedule looked like. I PR'd in 5 different distances and it felt pretty effortless even though I know I worked for each of these.

  • Cal 10, 10K 1:14:46 PR
  • Rodeo Beach Trail 5 miles 1:14:11
  • Ripon Almond Blossom 8K 56:09 PR
  • Pirates Cove Trail 20K 3:09:34
  • Zin Spin 50K Bike Ride
  • Avenue of the Giants 1/2 marathon 2:40:07
  • Tri for Fun Series Sprint Triathlon 1:57:29

  • Tri for Fun Series Sprint Triathlon 1:59:54
  • MC Mama Goes Master's Virtal 4 miles 47 minutes
  • Tri for Fun Series Sprint Triathlon 1:53:05 PR
I was supposed to do the TBF Tri Club championships and got a bad case of bursitis in my right knee on a 16 mile training run. With my marathon in October, I took it easy

  • Not Your Average Adventure Virtal 10K 1:11:03
  • Nike Women's Marathon 5:34:05 PR
  • Merrill Down and Dirty Mud Run 5K
  • Giro di'Vino 60K Bike Ride
  • Stockton Half Marathon 3:01:54
  • Run Against Hunger 5K 32:51 PR
  • Coyote Ridge Trail 10 mile (10.5 official) 2:49:11
3. I participated in Jill's fantastic bloggy gift exchange HERE. I felt a lot of pressure when I found out Amanda B. from RuntotheFinish was who I was supposed to shop for. I gave ended up sending her a book she posted on a book wish list post. I was so glad she posted a wish list, I feel like she is the girl who has everything. Then just yesterday I got my gift from Staci HERE. I love it. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. IT. I am already through the first few stories and can't wait to burn through the book this holiday weekend.

4. I am torn about the goals thing for 2011. There are so many things that sound great, but I need to remain focused. Is anyone else having difficulty narrowing it down?

5. I have the best husband. My son has been reading these great Fly Fishing Kids books. My husband has gone the extra mile and made him larger than actual size, flies to play with while reading. I told him he should market the idea it is so cute. See bottom right. He epoxy-ed the hook and the fly is book character size!

Thankful Three

  1. For rice krispy treats and even better, Kix and Cocoa Puff treats
  2. For sun on a chilly day
  3. For this three day weekend to relax with my family


Kris said...

I'm with you, the double stroller is SO hard to push. I frequently wonder if there is some secret that others know to make it easier;) I haven't decided on goals for 2011 yet either, other than ramping up some mileage. I was thinking of signing up for Run for the Bling of It challenge, still considering. Guess with less than 3 hours until the new year I should decide. Happy New Year!

P said...

What an amazing year you had!! Here's wishing you a wonderful 2011!

Jamoosh said...

20 pounds is awesome. Keep up the good work in 2011!

Christi said...

Congratulations on a great year! And losing 20 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. That is awesome!

Your husband should totally patent his book!