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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Motivation: Pre-NYR thoughts

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

I am in a tizzy over goal setting for the rest of the year and the coming year. Just when I get it off my mind, someone else brings it back. I am not sure what my 2011 New Years Resolutions (NYR) will look like exactly, but I am really enjoying reading all different takes from my fellow bloggers, like Kerri HERE. You might also like to skip the 12 month long goal and opt for something weekly like Amanda B HERE. To start my motivation, I have signed up for the Run for the Bling of It Challenge HERE. I also have a cute picture link on the right side of this blog. My doctor told me last week that I should drop a few pounds, but I don't really like "diets" so right now I am trying to reframe achieving that goal without it being diet oriented or restrictive. I am open to ideas! 

Are you taking NYRs seriously? I am not sure what makes January such a big deal, I feel like I am constantly setting goals. But I guess I do get the idea of a New Year being a fresh start. I am one of those that starts things on a Monday, or at the beginning of a month, starts make tracking success easier. I kind of like the option to modify and change my goals without feeling like I flopped on a stated goal, not great for NYRs. On the other hand, the flexibility to change or modify also leads this ambitious slacker on a road to unfinished ideas.

What categories do you break your NYRs into? 
Is this just me being too type A?

My tentative categories and examples are below. They are not precise or actual 2011 goals, but are certainly some ideas that are floating in my head:
  • Wife: Do a planned something nice each month for the hubby
  • Mother: Start a journal to document the funny stuff my kids say, example from 12/24/10:
    • Scene: Duder showing Super Hubby his almost fully eaten tamale.
      Super Hubby: you're a good eater, Duder
      Duder: I'm kill'n it

  • Work: Figure out a way to make it more rewarding: team building activity each month (not too elaborate, but definitely invest as much as I can to a cohesive, fun and productive environment)
  • Fitness: Run a sub 8 minute mile
  • Fun: take a full week off from work, I usually just take a Friday or Monday to make for a long weekend every now and again
  • Food: try a new cheese, find a new recipe and make it mine (mushroom barley soup was my 2010 recipe of the year)
  • Leisure: Read 12 books on my kindle (people, that is a real lot for me)
  • Friends: um...this one is hard. I need a local, everyday, do nothing kind of friend. You know, like when you were a kid and you could run across the street and ask if So-n-So could play. No party, no agenda, just a few minutes before the street lights came on, run around and play tag kind of friend.
Thankful Three
  1. For being able to publicly put "make friend" on my resolution list and know that at least one of you out there knows what I am talking about.
  2. For NYR's. I like being consumed by something that really doesn't have any negative consequences, that the masses are talking about so I don't sound obsessive and that will pass as quickly as the New Year comes. It's just a fun concept.
  3. For getting through tonight's chores quickly and easily. I hate chores, I am terrible at them, but I have been trying to contribute more regularly at home (dishes, laundry, dinner etc.) and as the saying goes, practice makes basketball coaches would extend that to say Perfect Practice makes perfect. Chores are getting easier the more I do them.


Christi said...

I love this time of year so I can set goals as well. However, I do set goals all year round. I haven't really gotten my goals figured out completely but you can bet I am thinking abou them!

Robin said...

Me! Me! I know what you're talking about. I too need an across the street friend. I think today I'm gonna start looking for one. Thanks Soph!