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Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Five: It's a fantastic day

We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.
~Mother Teresa
1. I got to go on a date for Festivus. It was fantastic! There were no airing of grievances because we had none. I passed on the feats of strength because my husband always whoops my a$$ and I was still a little sore from the basketball game Wednesday night. Instead we went to sushi, where I had the most fantastic Hamachi nigiri, then we went to the theater to watch True Grit. It was hilarious! Not the movie, the theater. It was man date city. Only about 4-5 women in the theatre. If it wasn't a man date, it was nerd crew night. The several groups of 4-5 young nerdy guys were in the theater too. It reminded me of my husband and his friends from 12 years ago. They still look like that, but these days they let the wives tag along on some of their nerdy plans.
2. Last night I got a Facebook request to run today. Super excited to start today with a run. I love days off.
3. I have been wanting a Garmin watch, but they are so expensive. None of them are really suited for swimming so I gave up on a TRI watch and just wanted one for running that will show me distance and pace. Then magically I was in Costco and Ta-Da! The Garmin 405CX which sells for $369 was $219. Still expensive, but too good to pass up. I get to test it on an actual run this morning.
4. I like to give. Sometimes I don't pay attention to how much I am giving and I found myself staring at my bank account wondering, what happen? Small donations add up. My husband gave me an early Festivus gift and got us an account with If you have never visited this site, I encourage you to. I had heard of programming like this, but never explored it. It is very exciting to know my small gifts can have a bigger long term impact than some of the ways I have been donating. I was completely blown away that my husband did this, I was touched and really really proud to be his wife.
5. It's tamale night! Did I say that loud enough? ITS. T-A-M-A-L-E. NIGHT!

Thankful Three
  1. For an amazing husband
  2. For running partners on this fantastic day off
  3. For babysitters, thanks Poley!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Have I already told you that I love your blog?! :) I just feel so positive after reading it. the quote at the time, the gratitude at the end and all the good stuff in between. Yay for your Garmin! I asked for the one without a HR monitor...just pace and distance. I totally forgot about plyometrics until the other I want to look up some plyo exercises and remind myself how to do it all . :) Merry Christmas!

Detroit Runner said...

Awesome. I have a garmin too and love it!

Laura said...

Awesome about the Garmin!
...your gift is on the way for the PR challenge..with my vacation and the holidays I have been floopy.
It will be a nice new year treat for you...right? :)

Christi said...

Mmm..tamales! Please enjoy a couple for me!