Slow and Steady

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Motivation

Ok first thing first:

Day 5 Recap 05.31.10
  1. Compliment: At 5'10...and a half. I have decided I can totally rock 3 inch heels. If you know me, I generally where sneakers, Teva flip flops or Keens so this is kinda a big deal.
  2. 3 sets name it! It was an awesome workout day, lunges, jump rope, crawls, sit ups, weights etc...
  3. Spent 31 minutes, scratch that, ALL DAY doing stuff for me. Workout, run, mani, pedi, pizza, beer, Sex in the City movie, some retail therapy and then meal prep for the week. Steel cut oat meal, meatloaf, enchiladas and even squeezed in making cupcakes for my staff. Today, I was a rockstar.
  4. Calories: 1370 minus the 469 estimated calories burned=901. By the time I was hungry again it was after 8:00 so we'll wait for breakfast tomorrow.
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled, and wait for it.....meant it. Totally feeling awesome today.
Thankful Three
  1. That the hubby is home! Yes this was yesterday's too, but I really missed him, plus he was on kid duty today for the Me Monday Madness
  2. That I get to start my work week with Tuesday
  3. That someone trusts me enough to help them get into better shape. More on this later.
Monday Motivation

Tangerine Beer mixed with Widmer Rasberry Cider, YUMMY!!!

So great, going again on Thursday with my book club girls.
 Bad picture, but they are Grey with Black animal print and the trim is shiny patent leather. 3 inch heels!
Love the rose on the toe.


Christi said...

Great shoes! Sounds like you had a great week. I can't wait to see the Sex and the City movie.


I love those shoes! I can't wear heels anymore. An ankle injury ended that love affair.

To answer your question, most of my running friends and I are close in pace range. We can usually do our training runs together, but we never stay together when we race. That's when the differences become apparent.

Julie said...

I love Sex In The City and those shoes rock:)

AmandaB said...

Hot shoes, mama! :-) I am also 5'10" and change, and was heartbroken for the 9 months (pre-knee surgery and recovery) that I couldn't rock my heels! Who doesn't love a tall woman in heels???