Slow and Steady

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five


  1. OMG I can't believe all the season finales, sooo good! I am so sad that I have to wait all summer for another season. What is really disturbing is that LOST is going to be over, like actually over. I might be a little depressed Sunday night/Monday morning, but at least "All my questions will be answered."
  2. The week is going great! A friend of mine (not a runner) and I are doing some work outs together. I am a little more active than she is, but it is nice to have a partner at any level. While I am all about longer challenges, we have started slow with Wednesday to Wednesday. The challenge 200 sit ups, 3x30 donkey kick/leg lifts and exercise (read walk at least 15 minutes) everyday, and not to eat after 8:00 (which I already do). We work together so our goal over the 5 work days is to also  use at least 1 of our breaks to take a walk. I am enjoying it and hope it'll be a good lead in to  y 31 days to 31 Challenge.
  3. Let's Go Oakland! (ch, ch, ch-ch-ch) Yes tailgating Saturday will be awesome in case you are wondering.
  4. Weight is coming off again, finally! So now I need to be thinking of an actual plan to reduce my weight. I was thinking 10% over some period of time, but I am rethinking and will probably start with 5%. I will work this into my 31 days to 31 Challenge that starts next week. Any ideas????
  5. Ok, Tribute to last nights Grey's Anatomy theme, "Human life is made up of choices. And it's not always in our hands." Yes we make choices daily, but do we really think about the impacts of the small ones? Well over the past month or so I have been making some small choices, take not eating after 8:00 for example. It was difficult for about a week and then it became just something I do, a small almost unnoticeable choice. Taking a break at work to walk is going to be one of those choices that turns into a small one, a "just something I do." While I do not want to discredit the impact of major life changing choices, somethings are just not "always in our hands." While this isn't new, it was a nice reminder to take advantage of the thing that are in our hands. Sometimes it is the small choices that define us. So I am going to work on making some better choices to more quickly attain the goals I set for myself. 

What small choices define you?

Thankful Three

  1. For garlic bread with ranch dippy
  2. For my nephew who babysits in a pinch
  3. For my new black running skirt, soooo cute!


Julie said...

I really enjoy having someone to run or workout with! It makes the time go by faster and it keeps me in check:) I also should be making a few changes. I could start doing the not eating after 8PM too. It is the little things that all add up that can really help in the long run. Since I have started running higher miles I have put on about 5 pounds. I know that it is muscle but I always gain in my thighs and I hate it! I like your thrankful three...woo hoo for running skirts:) Have a great weekend!

Christi said...

I love the small choices! I think I will try and incorporate those more into my life. My current small choice is doing the ART exercises daily so my strength continues!

I, too, love my black running skirt! Have a great weekend!

Molly said...

I can't believe LOST is ending tonight!!! But like you said, we'll finally have answers!

I need to get a running skirt. Need to. Now.