Slow and Steady

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Weeks End Summary

Ok, so last week wasn't the best workout week for me, but it happens.

Monday: Long day at work, long night at a going away dinner.
Tuesday: Another long day at work, followed by a long Board meeting that night.
Wednesday: Ok day at work, but it was my last night with the hubby before his 4-day fishing trip so I opted for family time, no workout.
Thursday: Single parent, work, then my nieces highschool graduation. Guess what? No workout.
Friday: Work, rest.
Saturday: Out of town at a friends house, no workout.
Sunday: Errands, Fleet Feet for a new sports bra, Trader Joe's, Costco, baked at cake at 8:30 PM so my hubby would have a goodie when he got home from his fishing trip.

So It wasn't a complete disaster, but I really have to step it up this week. I have my first official Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and I need to get in the pool. NEED to get in the pool.

Day 3 Recap 05.29.10
  1. Compliment: I keep good company
  2. 3 sets of sit ups
  3. Spent 31 minutes + having lunch with my friend
  4. Calories: 2363, well at least I am aware of it
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled. And today I was really feeling like I can make a noticeable change by my bday. Go Team Self!
Day 4 Recap 05.30.10
  1. Compliment: I am a thoughtful person
  2. 3 sets of sit ups
  3. Spent 31 minutes having a quiet lunch alone while the kids napped
  4. Calories: 1923, over the 1500, but feeling good about it
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled. And can't wait to workout. Tough not being able to get my desired workouts in, but I am energized to start up again tomorrow.
Thankful Three
  1. That the hubby is home!
  2. That tomorrow I have a girls day planned including knocking #19 and #21 off my 31 Things list
  3. For my new Enell sports bra, hope it works!


    Julie said...

    Oh, I am so excited for you about your first official Sprint Triathlon:) Remember to get into the pool! I went to a Duathlon this weekend and it makes me want to go purchase a bike. The swimming thing is a lost cause for me...I suck! I am sure that you are going to do great on Saturday...can't wait to hear all about it!

    I love Trader Joe's too and I wish that we had a Fleet Feet:)

    Christi said...

    Good luck at your Sprint tri! I hope you have a great time!