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Saturday, May 29, 2010

31 days to 31-Daily 5

Thursday was the beginning of 31 days to 31. Yes, it is a long, tough blog to sort through, but such is life. The original post is on my side bar and will be updated to show what has been crossed off the list. I will post regularly about my Daily 5. Hope you enjoy, and if not? Well hey, you only have to put up with it for 31 days so suck it up :)

Day 1 Recap 5.27.10
  1. Compliment: I'm a flexible wife (hubby is gone on a 4-day fishing trip, so deep in wilderness that there is no phone reception. 4-days I can handle, incommunicado? a little more challenging, but I do it.
  2. 3 sets of toe/calf raises
  3. I spent 31 minutes blogging, reading blogs etc. just hung out on the internet
  4. Calories for the day, approx: 1410
  5. Yes, I looked in the mirror and forced a smile, I know it'll get easier to start seeing my body for what it is-awesome baby making, running/triathlon doing, master grocery carrying machine-, versus what I perceive it to be-not 20 anymore-.
Day 2 Recap 5.28.10
    1. Compliment: I get things done
    2. 3 sets of tushy/kegel lift things
    3. I spent 31 minutes ready/falling asleep with a book in my face
    4. Calories for the day, approx: 1880
    5. Looked in the mirror. I'm really glad I'm making myself do this.
    I have gotten a couple good ideas via this blog and Facebook about what to do for the last 5 slots: no veggies LOL, swim in the ocean...if only my weekends weren't full I could make it to the beach, fishing with my probably not, and pizza night with the family-from scratch, cool! Other ideas after chatting with friends: Try a new beer or mixed drink-very likely, learn a new style of dance (too much effort, but if an opportunity falls in my lap, I'm in. I am still on the hunt for good, EASY, ideas, so keep tossing them out!
      Thankful Three
      1. Good friends
      2. the "Loseit" app on my iPhone
      3. For knocking #15 off my 31 things list today


      Christi said...

      I love all the great positive things that you are doing. I really should incorporate this into my life! Good luck and I am enjoying the updates!

      Julie said...

      My hubby also goes on those four day fishing trips:) It is challenging sometimes but we try to do the best we can.

      I love your thankful three:) I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!