Slow and Steady

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Five

  1. I am the worst procrastinator. I will write about my vacation and my mother's guilt for "abandoning" my kids for 2 1/2 days, I just won't do it right now.
  2. I had Monday off and my 4 day week still felt like 5?!!? How does this happen?
  3. I am taking not eating after 8:00 too seriously. I ate a hot dog from the Target eatery at 7:50 so I wouldn't eat after 8:00 and so I could take my meds with food. What have I reduced myself too? I know I am ashamed of myself too. It was not the fancy kind of Target with groceries, but I at least could have just bought a Luna bar or something. I washed my gourmet hot dog down with some diet dr. pepper, it was some redemption, but certainly not enough. Have I totally grossed you out enough?
  4. I am sticking to my plan of not letting more than 2 days pass before working out again too. I really love this 3 changes challenge. Alas it will end on 5/13...what should I do next? Short term sustainable goals are pretty cool.
  5. I was invited to return to Bikram Yoga. If you haven't tried it, it is tortuous and in a heated room to boot. 1 1/2 hours to experience the temperatures of hell. Feels like crap the entire time, you choke on the thick sweaty air, but some how you feel awesome the rest of the day and longer. I am still not sure if I feel loose and cleansed or just thankful I survived? I have a clouded memory of my past Bikram experience and am literally afraid to return. On the up side it starts at 5:30 am so I can do it before work, I'd have a partner, I do need to get limber before I start my marathon training AND the introductory offer for 30 consecutive days  with UNLIMITED sessions. The opportunity makes me feel like it is a good 30 day head start to supplement building my training base before delving into the throws of marathon training. Hmm, what to do, what to do?

Thankful Three
  1. I am thankful for my son's make shift Max costume he wore to school for "Wild Rumpous" day (they are reading Where the Wild Things Are). Seeing him get showered with oohs and aahs totally made my day
  2. I am thankful for that on 2, count them T-W-O separate occasions today I was referred to as an optimist. Yeah, I was shocked too!
  3. I am thankful that Subway sells cookies, I so needed the chocolate chip boost today


Christi said...

Go back to yoga! I think it will really help your marathon training!

chris mcpeake said...

so glad I dont do yoga .. lol
awesome blog

Becky said...

My running friend swears by Bikram. I used to go to Bikram all the time and HATE it. To me, it's worse than hill repeats. Still, cross-training is good for you, but so is spinach.