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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rock Your Socks Race Report-take #1 and the weeks recap

Ok, a quick "Rock this Week" recap first.

  • Monday-didn't workout, was feeling funky then blogged about how I was going to rock this week
  • Tuesday-4.5 miles (rocked it!)
  • Wednesday-5.5 miles (rocked it!) +sit ups and the donkey kicks
  • Thursday-3 miles (rocked it!) +sit ups, donkey kicks, weights
  • Friday-3 miles (Interval/ladder training :30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:00, 1:30, 1:00, :30...and repeat) Took a couple hours off from work to do this work out at the gym. After doing a full round ofweights, I ran then did my donkey kicks and stretched. Geez, wish I could work p/t and workout like this daily. Did I mention, Rocked It!
  • Saturday-REST--was going to do the Rock Your Socks 10K this morning at 6:00 so I could get home and ready to leave for tailgating by 8:30, but my legs were sore and I still had to bake cupcakes to take to our tailgating party. I didn't do my 200 sit ups or 3x30 Donkey kicks either--will double up tomorrow
  • Sunday-Ok, 2 sets of the 3x30 Donkey kicks, and 400 sit-ups, light weights and I will do the 10K later today

Please note that beginning Wednesday 5/19 a workout partner and I started the Wednesday to Wednesday Challenge: No eating after 8:00, 200 sit ups, 3x30 donkey kick leg lifts and committing to walking at least 15 min during one of our breaks at work. Yes it is a pretty simple 1-week challenge, but it is certainly keeping me interested. I heard about another challenge in blog land, that I'll post about soon.

Now what you have all been waiting for, DRUM ROLL Please..................

The alarm went off at 6:00 so I could pump and get out the door by 7:00. I am slow, so I was giving myself a full 1:30 to do the run and get home. My hubby is volunteering with our congregations Adopt-A-Highway group at 9:00 so I needed to get home by 8:30.


Last night was a tough one, mostly for my husband. My children were not cooperating. We went to sleep and the Bug woke up. He tended to her, I slept. Then the Duder woke up, 6 TIMES! Yup, it ranged from his foot hurting, needing a drink and having to go to the bathroom. I slept through all but the last two. I got up with them at 4:00 and took the last one solo at 5:50 figuring I needed to get up soon anyway.

Duder got up for good about 6:15 and yes folks, I plopped him with his pillow and blanket in front of some cartoons. My hubby needed to sleep, I needed to pump and well cartoons, as much I am anti-kids-glued-to-the-TV, was going to save my morning. I thought about taking Duder on the 10K with me in the jogging stroller so the hubby and bug could sleep. Then when I am almost done pumping, it is close to 7:00 and the Bug starts squeaking. GREAT! I can't leave the hubby, he really deserves some sleep. So for now, if the Bug totally wakes up I am thinking I'll take the double jogging stroller or just wait until their nap time and run then. It is pretty windy out and I am not sure I want them out in the wind or if I can realistically survive a 10K pushing a double stroller through the wind.

I will run this virtual race, I will run it today, I just won't be running it right now. Stay tuned.

Thankful Three

  1. For virtual races with a flexible start time
  2. For Super Hubby, I am a mess if I don't get a decent amount of sleep and he is always willing to get up with the kids
  3. For being home today, so sick from tailgating food and mini-mart snack overdose


Christi said...

Great job! You are kicking butt on your challenges. I am sure you will get the virtual 10k done!

Robin said...

Soph- you are awesome girlfriend!
You really are such an inspiration for me.
Good job on the workouts!