Slow and Steady

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Turn Around: Obstacles or Opportunity


Wednesday Hump Day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. I wish this turn around was about an out and back run and not just my work week. I have not run since last Friday and I am starting to really feel some negative effects. Apparently, running not only keeps me fit and gives me reason to be proud of myself and feel accomplished, but it also makes me happy. Happy for conquering my mileage, doing more than most people in a day by starting out with a 3-4 mile run, for being skinner as a result and my runner legs. No I haven't lost my sexy legs or gained all kinds of weight since Friday, but I do feel like I am missing something. Yesterday was my 2nd physical therapy appt. At my first one last Friday I was instructed not to run all weekend. I could still swim or bike, but no running until my next appt. Well yesterday was appt #2 and I still did not get the ok. To add to the sadness I have also moped around and not done any cardio since my yucky run last Friday morning. My initial physical therapy consult Thursday as well as my real therapy that started Friday both prescribed core specific work, so have I done that in earnest since Friday? Nope. Will I get too it? Yup.

Good night Bloggy Bloggers.

Thankful Three
  1. For Great books
  2. For Oreos
  3. For Dayquil


P said...

For me, not running results almost instantly in a crappy mood and eating too much sugar (which puts me in an even crappier mood!) So sorry you're not running right now, but thank goodness you're already doing PT. I'm sure you'll be "fixed" soon! Chin up in the meantime.
I totally love the quote at the top, I've been thinking about that all week. I think being injured always teaches us how much we need to run!!

Christi said...

I hear ya on this one! Running makes me very happy and when I can't do it I become somewhat of a b9&*(h and my husband lets me know!

I hope you heal soon!