Slow and Steady

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Five-Boo!

  1. On Sunday I ran 16 miles. About mile 13 I started to feel pain below my right knee. Think, smacking your knee against your desk when swiveling in your chair kind of pain. Really?! Monday was a rest day. Tuesday my quads still felt pretty shredded, Wednesday...well I can't really come up with an excuse for Wednesday. Thursday I ran 4 miles, one of those was my fast mile in 10+ years. I felt a little nagging from the knee, but it was nothing I couldn't push through. I went to physical therapy for my left side ITB, had them treat my aching lower back and take a look at my right knee. Nope, not a "knee" issue. Not the tendons, muscles or ligaments. It is the top of my tibia. It feels bruised. There is no inflammation. Plus when I was there yesterday it was only nagging not actually painful.  Yesterday I was reading P's blog and learned sometimes we just need to HTFU.  This morning I got up at 4:30, was not feeling it. I was tired, my tummy was not ready, my lower back ached a little and my knee hurt!? I woke up in a little pain. Weird. I still got up, drove the 15 miles to meet my running partner and hobbled through a 2 mile run walk. Next time, I need to listen to my body better. I couldn't tell the difference between general ick and ouch. I will be calling the dr. today, x-ray maybe? Boo!
  2. Looks like Sunday's TRI Club Championships are out. Boo!
  3. My son just ate half my breakfast. Boo!
  4. Come on, dig for something positive, I get a semi-half day at work! I am working all day, but 1/2 of my day will be spent off site doing something creative. Unfortunately that 1/2 day is the latter half of the day and in the bay area so I will be sitting in 5:00 traffic trying to get home. Boo! Oh wait, this was the positive one.
  5. Ok, let's try this again. Um......well.....shoot I know I've got something. Ah ha! Wait, lost it. Ok, let's go with this. It's Friday!
Thankful Three
  1. Breakfast with my son
  2. Crawling back into bed after a hot shower
  3. The prospect of sleeping in some time this weekend


Christi said...

I hope you heal quickly! Here is a positive for ya! It is Friday!

Jamoosh said...

You need to get the weekend started ASAP!

Laura said...

Heal up!
I've had some on and off knee pain and had physio/massage and nothing really came out of it. So now I just ice after a run and..see what happens.

ajh said...

I need to sleep in tomorrrow too! It was a looooong day today.

P said...

And booooo for me not even getting a chance to read this until a day late. I hope you're having a fabulous (pain-free and sleeping in) weekend!