Slow and Steady

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Summary: Confessions


Forgive me body for I have slacked off, it has been 9 days since my last run. You read that right folks, 9 days. I was so hopeful for my Friday physical therapy appt. I was sure I was going to get the green light to run, but alas I am still on restriction. I did not post Friday, but if I did it would've looked a little something like this:

Friday Five: Death by Mini Mart
  1. 4 out of 6 hostess mini powdered donuts
  2. 1 of 2 hostess chocolate cupcakes, you know, the ones with the white swirlies on top
  3. 1/2 an individual bag of cheetos
  4. chocolate milk
  5. watermelon flavor laffy taffy
Yeah, and this was breakfast. I know, I am terrible with my coping, I should weigh a bazillion pounds. Fortunately I do not have a lot to cope with so, I have the freedom to binge on junk food when life gets me down.

Back to the physical therapy appt. I reminded my doctor that I was supposed to be running a 1/2 marathon today. He said that it probably wasn't the best idea. He said I could walk it if I wanted to. WALK? Um, yeah, walking 13.1 miles sounded like torture so I urged that maybe I could trot, maybe jog a little. Reluctantly, he said yes as long as I only ran to fatigue in the knee/bursitis area and not to the point of pain. I was pretty worn out after therapy Friday so I thought I'd test out running on Saturday.

Saturday I ran in short bursts for 38 minutes. LOL actually, I coach my son's 3-4 year olds' basketball team. Coaches incidentally are also the referee's. So lots of running forward and back peddling back. No knee problems. I was still feeling mopey when I got home so I mowed and edged the lawn. It was quite therapeutic as I could see fairly instantly a positive end result. Same with cleaning out my car in preparation for possibly selling it. I even hit the grocery for all the ingredients I would need for my beef, mushroom and barely soup. So in between the lawn and the grocery I thought I would test out this whole run to fatigue, yeah. I made it to the end of the block. Seriously?! If I thought I wasn't going to run today, I was damn sure of it after my little trot to the end of the block. Good thing was my soup cam out great so we invited friends over for a great dinner, great wine and we even ended the day with some pumpkin pie. Sounds great right? Yeah, great...stay POSITIVE!

Lucky #13
I need to stay positive I have 13 days to the marathon. I have faith. I have confessed (again) about slacking off with my running/core. Now my body needs to act. I will attempt to complete my weekly mileage this week using the run-walk restriction and see how it goes. It I am able to do that, then I'll try and do 10-12 this weekend. I'll run the plan by my physical therapist tomorrow. Nike Women's Marathon is a lottery gig and there is not guarantee that if I am unable to run it this year, that I'll even get in next year. Just thinking about it makes me want to grab an "It's It' from the freeze (chocolate covered, oatmeal cookie, ice cream sandwich). Ok, bad coping effort, but it is my effort.

How do you cope when you can't do what you love doing?

Thanful Three
  1. For the fun goodie bags my son and I put together for his birthday party tomorrow
  2. For Book 2, of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire
  3. For more cousins. My husband's cousin gave birth to a healthy baby boy today! 


Christi said...

I wish I could tell you how I cope but honestly I don't cope. I eat too much. I bitch and I usual cry at some point. However, then I get to a point of "ready to move on" and that is what I do.

I am sure that you will do much better than me so go get 'em girl!

P said...

I cope exactly like you - eat, hope things get better, try to run and feel more pain than I wanted...repeat. LOL.
We can totally do this, Sophia!! I woke up this morning feeling hopeful again. Even if it's not a "victory marathon" like I've been dreaming of, I am going to cross that finish line and you are too!! Go get that necklace!