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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Sampler: Bullet Proof

I apologize, but this post is going to be everywhere and full of randomness. 
Passion Iced Tea Lemonade-already sweet so make sure you tell them to be easy on the sugar syrup pumps
  • Where have I been this week?! Um, I am going to go ahead and say sleeping. 
  • My gosh I had a freaking awesome week last week, totally racking up the miles. I even pushed through a sinus infection and cranked out 15 miles on a 12 mile day. 
  •  This week not so much. Like 3 miles on Friday and thats it for the week.
  • Tuesday, skipped my TRI club meeting, the first missed meeting all year! So tired, so sick.
  • So smart person wouldn't pass on having a running partner this morning, especially after a nice run Friday right? Wrong, or right and I am just not a smart person. I was out late last night and decided on the way  home that the 35 extra minutes of sleep in the morning was needed and texted my running partner that I wasn't going to make it. 
  • So what did I do when I got home at midnight? Stayed up until 1AM so I could finish my book. I know I am ridiculous. Water for Elephants was a great read!
  • Next up on the book list? Well I am still reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but book club has chosen, The Last Chinese Chef for our next book. I'm guessing we'll be discussing this one over some yummy food.

On the next episode of Sophia's life......

Sophia attends her son's first day of religious pre-school which he is totally nervous about, then is heading to a family bday party. All of this is after a 4-6 mile run to start her day. Yes I am behind on mileage, but strangely OK with that and confident that 26.2 will still be enjoyable.

Thankful Three:
  1. George Gershwin, he is certainly the bee's knees
  2. Crepes, I am so stuffed
  3. My super hubby: well manicured lawn, clean house, dinner and puts the kids to bed. After an 8 hour day at work today, he made it feel like I have had my whole weekend so far

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Christi said...

Hi, I hope you get better soon! I am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo right now and it is really good!