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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Motivation: Boycavich or Nothing

So I went to sub in on a Monday night co-ed softball team tonight and as it turns out, I was one of 7 girls. It was a 9:15 game, it was cold and I so didn't need to be there. I politely smile, thanked them for the call and said to call me next week if you need someone. No hurt feelings, but I would much rather be snuggled on the couch watching TV. Which brings me to my Monday Motivation, trashy teeny bopper TV.

I was feeling a little glum when I got home thinking about the expenses of all our home repairs when my husband flashed to our DVR to show me the highly anticipated season premier of Gossip Girl. Then my husband proceeded to leave the room. I asked if he wanted to stay and he said it's "Boycavich or Nothing" making reference to Secret Life of the American teenager. Oh, and you had to just love that Catherine is back in Vampire Diaries. I do believe Biggest Loser is starting soon too. Oh, I was meant to be a couch potato, sweat, a blanket, yummy snacks & TV....I love fall!

So who wants a running update? I do! Who's got one, anyone? Yeah, well as you can see from my fancy blinking thing on this blog, I have 1 month left until my marathon and I haven't logged more than a 15 mile run. What the heck? I keep letting life get in the way. Last week was busy, this week will be busier. Oh yeah and next week I have to travel for 3 days for work. Ugh, make time stop for a second so I can breathe, then nap. Both are totally needed.

Random occurrence: Husband & I are at  dinner when a nice lady approaches us to tell us how cute the kids are. We both smile and nod. Then this lovely stranger looks at my son and literally says, "Is he yours too?" YES. YES. YES. The blonde haired, blue eyed child is mine. Is that really so hard to believe. It happens like 80% of the time I am out with my son. I look like the nanny I guess?!

Thankful Three:
  1. For my little screaming, fever & diarrhea having 10 month old with no teeth, or sign of teeth, but every sign of teething  going to bed so nice and easily tonight. Tank you, thank you, thank you.
  2. For my cute new purple long sleeve from REI that has little thumb holes, it was pretty cool tonight and the long sleeve was much needed.
  3. For strangers who are completely ridiculous.



Glad to hear that I am not the only adult who has been sucked in my teenage dramas. I am a couch potato at heart!

Becky said...

Ohh addictive!

Christi said...

I am such a tv addict as well. I work out so I can spend my evenings plopped in front of the tv!