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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit: What are you a size 6?!

We do not see things as they are.
We see them as we are.

~ The Talmud ~

So my niece turned 21 a couple weeks ago and our schedules just haven't been inline enough to get together sooner. So tonight we went to a lovely dinner at one of the few trendy places we have in town. She came to my house so we could ride together and she was with me when I was getting dressed to go out. If you have been following this blog at all you'll know I have lost a little weight. Like 32 lbs since April. While getting dressed, my nieces says, "OMG Auntie Sophie, you are so skinny, what are you a size 6?!" Now if you have seen any pictures of me, you will know how ridiculous it sounds to put my name and the words "Size 6" in the same sentence. So you have a frame of reference I am a size 12 and a size 10 would be on the skinny for my body type. I got to an 8 once when I was coaching basketball and running a real lot, but that lasted all of one basketball coaching season.

Back to the story. We weren't exactly hungry yet, so we went to the mall to get a few things. While at the mall I couldn't help but trying to understand why she said size 6? Was she just trying to flatter me? Is she just so small, like a size 0, that a size 6 looks big to her? I would've pegged her as a 4 or 6 myself. So I asked, "What were you thinking asking if I was a size 6?" Her response: "I don't know, you were changing and you looked so skinny I thought we were the same size. Your legs look freaking awesome, I want your legs."

Ladies and Gentleman, this is coming from my 5 foot 6 in niece, who is thin and super cute. And she doesn't think she is "big" so this perception was not coming from a "I am fat, you are skinny we must be the same size" kind of place. She just actually thought I was skinnier than I am and I am totally up for taking the compliment.

Thankful Three

  1. For Kind words, positively skewed perceptions
  2. For Strong legs
  3. For Creme Brulee


P said...

Kind words and skewed perceptions are the BEST! :-)

Christi said...

That was awesome!

Julie said...

I love your niece....Bless her heart:) This was a great story!

I am with you on the Creme Brulee!