Slow and Steady

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Five-the late night edition

Oh goodness where to start?

  1. Where did June go? I had such high hopes for lofty things and suddenly the month was over? I am really kind of flabbergasted by the whole thing. I mean there were things at work that I haven't gotten to, things at home that have piled up and workouts I am severely behind on. I would love a week off to catch up at home. I only need a focused few hours to be caught up at work so I am not too distraught about that.
  2. July seems like it will be a long month. For the first time since last September not all of our weekends are full. Such a relief, I can't even begin to tell you. I have a TRI this month and I was recently invited to do a 1/2 marathon at the end of the month. I don't consider races/events things that tie up my weekends. Birthday parties, family events, etc.. are another story and can be really draining. LOL is that weird?
  3. I really need to get on the ball with morning runs. I was so glad to run into a great AM runner I ran with last summer. She is a teacher and summer morning runs are just her thing. So I am going to check my running calendar and schedule some sunrise running dates. Her availability coincidentally enough is Tuesday/Thursdays, my scheduled run days! Plus she is super fast so I can try and get some speed workouts in with her.
  4. I have plateaued with my weight. I have done a decent job calorie counting. The Loseit App for the iPHone is pretty cool. I have lost 7 pounds since starting the application back on May 31st. Prior to that I had already lost 7 pounds on my own from April 21st to May 31st. Now I have been stuck where I am for about 2 weeks. I have not really been "reducing" my intake more than just being conscientious about my total intake. For example, In-N-Out continues to be my lunch of choice these days. Plus I have not really worked out in over 2 weeks, not the best start to marathon training. WAIT, don't judge me, the title of my blog is Tales of an Ambitious Slacker. It is an 18 week program so I am pretty ok with being somewhat on track, first two weeks were not "major" set backs for me. Any how, the point of #4 of this Friday Five is that at some point (REALLY SOON) I kinda need to step up my game.
  5. On an amazingly positive note, I spent way too much time exploring the new blogger templates. Hope you like this one, I do, but may change it so don't too attached yet.
Thankful Three
  1. I know this might be a shocker, but I am so thankful it is Friday and it is a 3-day weekend
  2. I have some great miles planned this weekend and no other "scheduled" events to get in my way
  3. I have blue toes with white polka dots, love a good pedicure


Jamoosh said...

All you need are red sandals to go with your blue toes and white polka dots!

Julie said...

June just went by so fast! I still can't believe that we are into July! The morning runs were always hard for me too. It is almost like my body and brain need a few hours to wake up before I can do a decent run:)

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

Christi said...

Have a great long holiday weekend!