Slow and Steady

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Summary: Happy 4th of July

It's been an interesting week. Work seemed pretty doable and not overwhelming at all, then I realized Friday while reading my Runner's World in the break room that it was the first break I had taken all week (aside from lunch which I never skip). No wonder I was so drained. On the home front I wasn't a Suzy Homemaker or anything to wear me out, but I still had a mommy moment Saturday as I reflected on my awesome shower & my legs needed it. Sorry, got distracted by how great the shower was, the mommy moment came when I wondered when the last time I showered was? I had to have a reference point, ah, I remember, I had wet hair when I dropped of the kids, perfect, I knew I had showered last week. Gross I know, but it is the life I lead. I need to stop skipping workouts, workouts ensure that I get a shower.

The weekend started off great, slept in Saturday, cleaned house, made a Costco trip and lots of family time today. I am so relieved to have tomorrow off for the 4th of July Holiday observance, on the schedule first thing is a solid bike ride.

Now for your Sunday Summary, nothing to be impressed by, but certainly better than last week and that is all I can ask for.

Miles Planned/Covered (run miles only unless otherwise indicated)

Monday: Rest Day 0/0
Tuesday: 3/0
Wednesday: Rest Day 0/0
Thursday: 4/0
Friday: Rest Day 0/0
Saturday: 10/0
Sunday: 4/8.2     (+2 mile late evening walk)

Total miles covered 10.2, total planned 21, like I said, not the best week, but I am back in the game. I tried to make up the long run from yesterday, after 2 weeks off, jumping into 10 cold was not the best idea. I ran from home to our local free Firecracker 4-miler then did the 4 mile course with my hubby and kids. I am so jealous that my husband who hates running and hasn't run more than the bases in a softball game and go out and do 4-miles effortlessly and has 2 speeds fast and faster. I was annoyed that he was probably going to lose 10 pounds on this little jaunt too. He said, nah I need the tire. I patted his belly and said, this spare tire. I laughed, I thought I was being funny which is rare, then he of course came back over the top by saying that he can't lose his spare tire, it fuels this sweet love machine. Really? Who says that. He says it is a common joke, but I had never heard it.

Needless to say, despite the too much too soon ITB issue the last mile I had a great time. We were late to the kids race 1/4 mile race, but my son ran about 1/2 mile of the 4-miler and earned himself a pretty sweet medal. He also learned good sportsmanship by saying "good job" to everyone we passed.

Thankful Three

  1. For family BBQ's
  2. For a husband who pushes me when I don't think I am capable (and pushes the jogging stroller too)
  3. For blog-land Weight loss events, more on this tomorrow for my Monday Motivation, as if the day off wasn't going to be enough motivation.


Kerrie T. said...

I can't wait for my son to run in his first event. He loves to run and I think he'd have a blast with a bunch of other kids around. :)

Christi said...

Congrats to your family at the Firecracker 4 miler! I am glad you can all share that together!

Good luck in the coming week!

Julie said...

Nice job on the 4 miler! I really enjoy the fun local races:) I am loving the picture...your kids are adorable!