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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tidbit: Ouch

My WiFi is on the fritz. I had such a great little post lined up for my Sunday Summary, but no internet connection. Oh well. Long story short I when on a nice run with a new friend. We are both reading the same book, were rock'n the same pair of Mizuno's and are both tall so I didn't feel like a giant. Was kinda nice. The downside is that it is the only run I got in last week and I pretty much ate like I was getting ready to hibernate. It was gross. Being on vacation where eating at Deli's is the only thing on the agenda is no longer my thing. I need an exercise vacation.

So a little something about me for today's tidbit. I am a mini hoarder.  I don't qualify for the show, I do not save my kids dirty diapers, I do have a plenty of walkable space in my house and we regularly have clean clothes, dishes and the like. No, I am not that kind of hoarder. You'd never guess it since my excesses are neatly packed in tubs in the attic or closet. I do however keep random stuff and lots of clothes. I used to have a summer and winter set of clothes in my current size and the sizes below and above my current weight. I grew up not exactly poor, I always had food and clothes, but I didn't have a lot of extras. So I saved clothes. If they didn't fit me, maybe they would fit someone I knew. When I stopped playing basketball in college and my weight skyrocketed I had to get new big people clothes. Cheap, affordable clothes. I had lots of these and didn't get rid of my skinny clothes. Anyways, long story short for the past 5 years I have diligently been reducing all the excess I have in my attic. It's a small attic. Yesterday was the last of my excess clothes. I donated some items to the Women's Center here in town and the rest I gave to my mother to ship to Mexico. Her hometown was pretty devastated by the hurricane that hit last month. It felt good to let go of things and know they are going to a good place. Every year I have cleaned out my attic a little and donated items. I can proudly say I am pretty much out of clothes to donate. On the flip side, I think I actually hurt myself/pulled something in my right hip. It hurts to walk so we'll see how long this takes to heal because I had planned a 1/2 marathon this Saturday as a training run. OUCH!

*The 2 tubs are all I have left-maternity just in case my hubby changes his mind about more kids and the next size up. I am hoping I won't ever go back to the next size up, but they will work as a transition if I do get pregnant again. The bag on top is kids stuff.

Now on to the excess in my house. I have been losing weight and I am so happy to have gotten rid of a good chunk of my excess weight, so it makes sense I start getting rid of the things weighing me down at home. It's a slow process for me, I like to look at an item and think about who could benefit from it, whereas my husband could empty out our house in 1/2 hr. He's a thower awayer. We make a perfect pair and I am sure he has save me from actual hoarderdom.

What's weighing you down?


Julie said...

Oh my gosh, I am going to be doing the same thing by getting rid of all kinds of stuff! The truck is scheduled to stop by our house next week. Every year I try to go through everyone's clothes, toys and junk to see if there is anthing that we can get rid of. I am not a person who gets attached to clothing items and if I havn't worn it in at least a year...chances are I won't. I always feel good to free up some space and to know that the donated items will be used again:)

I am loving your wine collection lady:) Enjoy your week!

MCM Mama said...

My husband and I have the same kind of relationship LOL. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff, but instead, I spend all my free time running or blogging.