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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Turn Around-I love food

Wednesday Hump Day sounds funny, but like an out and back run it marks the turn around to the work week. This week has really flown by, so much work, so little time. Tomorrow I know will blow by with a visit from the big bosses at work, an offsite meeting with multi-jurisdictional agencies, then if I am lucky a fun 3-5 miler with the Nike 26.2 tour bus. They are stopping by our local fleet feet and leading a run in preparation for the October Nike Women's Marathon. Should be fun. Then it's Friday. No real plans other than the fact that is is Friday and I have a wide open weekend---such a relief! Save for the 13 mile training run I'll need to squeeze in, it is a welcomed break. 

Ooh wait, I almost forgot. The leadership development program I applied for at work sent me email confirmation a week ago that I made the cut off score and am being considered. This Friday is my interview. Wish me luck! I think in general I interview well, but also know that a lot more goes into selecting the leadership associates than just the interview so I will temper my excitement. Highly competitive and I am at a slight disadvantage having already graduated from a national fellows program. Selections won't be made until end of summer so even though I interview Friday, it is still a long wait to find out who is selected. Wish me luck!

"She had eight grilled cheese sandwiches. She stuffed them in her mouth all at once. It was so sad."— from Legally Blonde

CONFESS! What was your worst eating moment?
My worst eating moment....hmmm, I have had so many it is hard to choose from. I tend to order a little of everything off a menu because I can't decide what I want. Somehow I had been able to really pack it in and instead of sampling lots of different things from each order, I was consuming all of the different things I ordered. Expensive on the pocket book and super expensive on the waist line. Worst moment? Well I know the question refers to a specific time, but I wanted to share how awful it felt to have someone look at me wide-eyed and shocked at the amount of food I ordered (sometimes 3-4 different meals at once or with a bazillion sides or substitutions). 

I remember punishing myself by stuffing myself as a way of making my ridiculous order seem cool. Like a feat of tummy strength. Stupid I know. I have just built up such a reputation for loving food so much that I was pushing myself to eat in ways that didn't make me feel or look good just to keep up the reputation. I have slowly, but surely refined that reputation to be a love of good quality food and now I certainly wouldn't disrespect cheese, wine or chocolate by devouring it without truly enjoying each bite. Trust me, if your so full it hurts, you are not enjoying each bite anymore, you are punishing yourself and wasting good food so you might as well stop.

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Thankful Three
  1. For opportunities to grow
  2. For truly feeling in control of my health
  3. For the Microsoft Home Use Program. In just 35 more minutes my Office 2008 for MAC will finally be fully downloaded to my laptop....ugh, I am ready for bed already though, so hopefully it's a fast 35 minutes.


P said...

Good luck on your interview!!!

Christi said...

Great job on the weight loss and good luck with the interveiw!

Jamoosh said...

Kick some interview booty!