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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Motivation: Earth Laughs in Flowers

I know I missed yesterday's Sunday summary, but I thought I was getting sleep. I fell asleep with my daughter on the couch at about 8:45. At 9:15 I woke up and moved her to her crib and shuffled into bed. Did I sleep? Nope. I borrowed a book almost a year ago. A few months back I picked it up and only got about 14 pages in. At 9:45 ish and only 115 pages in I felt like I could actually finish. So at 12:15 am I closed the book feeling quite accomplished....and like the biggest idiot since I have to be at work by 7:00 today. Anyhow, Sunday Summary and Race Report will hopefully be rolled into a Tuesday Tidbit. On to Monday Motivation:

Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It felt super cute to be laying in bed reading next to my husband who was also reading. My husband is not the sentimental type, he is a little on the rugged side with fly fishing and back packing being his favorite activities. He loves me dearly, but sometimes I wish he was "a romantic". This is what he says that I am. He can be romantic, but he is not a romantic. I digress. Since having kids his ability to display affection has exploded and I see in him an incredibly thoughtful and loving father. Yesterday held a wonderful shining moment for my heart when Super Hubby put his book down and said, I don't know why but this quote reminds me of the Bug, "Earth laughs in flowers." He didn't have to describe why, I just got it. Since you all don't know our Bug, I'll elaborate a little. The bug is a smiler. There are few moments in her 8 months of life so far that she hasn't been smiling. She is even known to smile in her sleep and no it is not gas. I gave birth to a happy baby. The giggling kind of happy. She is ALWAYS in the mood to play and you can make the meanest, most frustrated face at her for not being asleep yet at 2am and she will smile at you. Her smile cures sadness, lights up a room and is reflective of our very naturally happy baby. We her as already having a connection with nature, a true natural spirit if that makes any sense. I already am inspired by her soul and hope to ever be as free as her spirit is.

To sum up, my Monday Motivation is dedicated to my beautiful daughter and the father that recognizes so deeply what truly makes her beautiful. I am so blessed. (sorry for the grainy pic of her smiling, but I love it)

Thankful Three
  1. For Emerson quotes that can capture so much in few words
  2. For a husband with a truly beautiful heart
  3. For a daughter who stole my hubby's heart


Christi said...

She is a cutie! You and your husband are very lucky to have such a bright light in your lives!

Molly said...

awww, your daughter is beautiful! She looks like such a happy girl!