Slow and Steady

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five-I'm Old

  1. I haven't run. I haven't run. I haven't run. Last week I don't remember what my excuse was, but I didn't run. Oh wait, I remember, I was eating excessively and traveled to L.A. I did run Sunday, then Monday I was hit with a crazy right hip issue. I had hoped to do a race day sign up tomorrow for a trail 1/2 marathon, but it is probably not a smart idea. I am hoping to convince my husband to do a family run tomorrow instead, with him pushing the double jogging stroller of course. Remember he is not a runner. I have a partner for Sunday lined up already and a bike ride scheduled for after my run. I can get back on track, I know I can...just hope that I do.
  2. I have finished Italy and am on to India. Eat, Pray, Love is going ok. I like the book more than I don't, but I feel like the author is trying too hard. I mean I love quality descriptions, it is why Hemingway is one of my favorites. She on the other hand is like Hemingway on steriods...way too many adjectives per sentence or too many sentences per thought. Anyone else getting this from the book???
  3. I am stuck on stupid eating ice cream. I used to love the occasional scoop of mint chocolate chip with fudge topping at Baskin Robins. Right now, I am loving a scoop of Rocky Road and Peanut Butter Chocolate. Soooo good, soooo bad for me. I have been eating after 8:00 again and my after 8:00 diet is pretty much just ice cream.
  4. Tomato Bisque and good bread is my new favorite meal. Seriously, amazingly good.
  5. I have had to pick up my 18-yr old niece everyday this week to babysit while my regular babysitter is on vacation. This morning on our drive, just before 7:00 am, I point out two runners in my neighborhood and make the following statement, "Ah, I want to run with them, they are tall (like me), slender (not like me) and....wait, they are way faster than I am." My so very thoughtful niece looking to temper how hard I was being on myself for being slower said, "Oh Aunty Sophie they are probably way younger than you too, like just a few years older than I am." Yeah, I am 31 and apparently that is old. OLD! Old to an 18-yr old.

Thankful Three
  1. For a great sushi dinner with some friends in town from NY. Love me some Hamachi Nigiri
  2. For squeezing in baking German Chocolate cupcakes tonight for our friends bday party tomorrow, makes me feel accomplished and good that someone likes something that I make (even if it is just the boxed mix)
  3. For my husband who stayed on hold with our internet service provider for more than 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes with an technicican so I could get my our WiFi back. Love Super Hubby!


Jamoosh said...

Oh, I love me a good tomato bisque!

ajh said...

Oh I laughed at what your niece said! 31 is so not old!!

Christi said...

You are not old because if you are then I am ancient at 42!