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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary

So this week did not exactly gone as planned. I'll keep this post short, but really not my best effort this week.

Week 1 of 18 marathon training
Miles Planned: 17
Miles Run: 5

I had 3x3 mile runs planned and only did one. I had my 8 mile long run scheduled for yesterday, but decided to run it with friends/cousins today. Of course I am the only one that showed up at 6:30 am, but I was glad I got out there. After 2 amazing 10 minute miles (the first one was actually 9:50), I started to have digestive issues and went home. My intention was to get back out there, but then I started not feeling well at all (overall). I felt a sinus infection/allergy/summer cold thing coming on. By the kids 11:30 nap time, feeling yucky was in full force. My amazing husband, on Father's Day no less, picked up the slack and I slept for 3 straight hours in the middle of the day. Unfortunately I woke up with some body aches, completely congested and with a sinus head ache. Eeew, I have my birthday weekend coming up this weekend and CAN.NOT.BE.SICK!!! I know it sounds selfish, but I spent a good amount of time apologizing for feeling like I ruined Father's Day by being sick in bed instead of slaving over my hubby all day.

I have a great week planned, tomorrow it Mexican food from scratch day, I have a hair appt this week and I'll be in Mammoth this weekend. I only have 6 miles planned for the long run Saturday and am excited and intimidated to do it at altitude. Other miles scheduled are 3x4 mile runs with one of those set for Sunday so I'll get 10 miles overall at altitude. If Mammoth sounds familiar to you it is probably because this is where Deena Kastor does her training. Gonna be a great week!

Day 22 Recap 06.17.10
  1. Compliment: I survived a trip to the crafts store with both kids in tow.
  2. 3 sets of abs, tonight was a really good one!
  3. Spent 31 minutes: getting my scrapbook supplies to finish my Bug's three pages
  4. Calories: 1740
  5. Looked in the mirror and it is pretty amazing, I don't mind looking at myself. I see potential instead of feeling defeated.

Day 23 Recap 06.18.10
  1. Compliment: I know my cheese. The server person at the vineyard gave me my cheese plate which listed: Swiss, Brie, Manchego and Fontina. I didn't see a Manchego, and tasted what I was sure was San Joaquin Gold. I went up to the server and asked if they had the packaging available as I was sure I was eating San Joaquin Gold and needed validation. BTW it is the most wonderful cheese. She said, "No, um..." then proceeded to recite what she thought was on the cheese list and finished by saying, "I think there is some Sangria on there." Yep you read that right, Sangria. Not to sound like a snob, but vendors should really make the staff review and if possible taste what is being served. I was a little embarrassed for her.
  2. 3 sets of wine glass lifts (Saw The Fray at Ironstone Vineyards, Murphy's, CA super fun.
  3. Spent 31 minutes: sitting on lawn seats drinking wine, enjoying a cheese plate and listening to The Fray
  4. Calories: 3078, could have been so much worse
  5. Looked in the mirror and continue to be excited that my clothes fit, I felt really skinny in my jeans and black long sleeve tonight

Day 24 Recap 06.19.10
  1. Compliment: I am a capable mom. Trip to Costco, two bday parties and neither kiddo had melt downs
  2. 3 sets of lifting kids & bulk groceries
  3. Spent 31 minutes: napping on the couch before bday party #1 (yes I got both kids down for a nap at the same time)
  4. Calories: 2177--includes bday cake!!
  5. Looked in the mirror and was pretty stoked I wore a size 12 skort thingy today--comfortably.

Day 25 Recap 06.20.10
  1. Compliment: I got up to run 8 miles...I didn't finish 8, but I got out there so high 5 for me
  2. 3 sets of jumping jacks in the laundry room (hubby caught me, I am not exactly light on my feet)
  3. Spent 31 minutes: make that 3 hours napping. Sick today.
  4. Calories: 1895--includes Chinese Food for Father's Day and Oreos. Soooo full!
  5. Looked in the mirror and am feeling skinnier than I actually am. Not a bad thing, but I don't want to get comfortable with my weight loss, I still have a ways to go.
    Thankful Three
    1. For a husband who watches the kids on Father's Day so his sick wife can nap for 3 hours
    2. For 10 minute miles, not sure when I went from 12 to 10, but I am love'n it!
    3. For a 2 1/2 year who returned to normal this weekend after a week of unpredictable tantrums.


    Christi said...

    Congrats on your weight loss and new attitude about it! You are doing great! Have a great birthday week!

    Tricia said...

    have a great week!