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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Motivation Where Are You?

Ok so it has been a crazy couple of days and I am toast! No Sunday summary yesterday because my grandma is in the hospital. I assure you that I had a pretty decent week of working out and eating well until about Friday. Friday I was a complete head case stressing about a leadership program application and the triathlon on Saturday.

Saturday was great, good race, fun spiderman themed bday party at a cousin's house and spending quality time with my parents before they took off to Mexico for a month.

Sunday, started out great. Watched Toy Story with the hubby and Duder while the Bug slept in. Went to the Jewish Food Festival in town and ate delicious food. Then right before we were headed to the in-laws to go for a swim I found out my grandma needed emergency surgery. I was home from the hospital before 10:00pm and slept an uninterrupted 6 hours straight last night, but still woke up completely drained. Emotions yesterday kicked my butt harder than any triathlon or run.

I was a total zombie today at work, but toughed through it. It's been a kind of blah day and got even funkier when a gift I wanted to give turned out to be complicated by a situation I'd rather not discuss. Sorry about the down in the dumps post today, but I am optimistic about tomorrow.

Monday Motivation? Where are you?

Day 11 Recap 06.06.10
  1. Compliment: I make an excellent Dobos Torte
  2. 3 sets of…nothing. Grandma is in the hospital and I was too wrapped up in that to think about anything else.
  3. Spent 31 minutes: spending time with family, reminiscing in a hospital waiting room.
  4. Calories: 1847 minus 0 as I did not workout today. I am an emotional eater and I had a ton of anxiety about my grandma's surgery so Mexican food it was…plus the Jewish food fair in the early afternoon before I found out the grandma news. Mmm Corned Beef sandwiches are frick'n awesome.
  5. Looked in the mirror. Smiled and was thankful for my health.
Day 12 Recap 06.07.10
  1. Compliment: I stayed awake for an 8 hour shift at work, boy was I drained from yesterday.
  2. 3 sets of…sit ups
  3. Spent 31 minutes: 
  4. Calories: 1754 minus 112 as I only did a short walk and some sit ups. Total 1642
  5. Looked in the mirror and I am really starting to see results.
Thankful Three
  1. For finding a new website
  2. For friends who encourage me to walk during work breaks instead of snack
  3. For the cutest water-babies ever, my kids are really going to have an awesome summer


Molly said...

I hope your Grandmother is okay.....I like how you break out the compliments of your day, and all you are thankful for.

Christi said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. I have you and your family in my prayers! FYI, I love the new pic on your blog. You look great!

Becky said...

Hope grandmother is ok. Love your headband.