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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Motivation: Registration Station

Registration Station

Talk about some Monday Motivation! I know my "registration station" post seems lofty, but I do so much better when my runs are event oriented. I don't like to run alone all that much so events work well for me. Sure I may not be winning any races, but I will be enjoying every step of my marathon training. All the triathlon runs are on trails and some rolling hills. All the trail runs have great elevation gains too. I am hoping these events will be good preparation for the NWM in San Francisco which will have it's fair share of rolling hills and major hills. Remember, NWM is my A race this year! So registration might not be the best choice of words, but it is my intention to have the following race schedule through the end of 2010.

July 10th 25th Annual TRI For FUN Sprint Triathlon #2 (+1 additional mile for my 4)
August 8th TRI For REAL Olympic Distance Triathlon #3 (+2 miles after the race for my 8 mile long run)
August 14th Coastal Trail Runs: Cinderella 1/2 marathon trail run (it is a 16 mile long run weekend so I'll be squeezing in an extra 3 after the run)
August 29thThe Luna Bar Festivaltriathlon
September 19th Coastal Trail Runs: Diablo 1/2 marathon trail run (I am only scheduled to run 12, but I figure I will be walking a lot as this is a super hilly run)
September 26thThe Granite Bay Triathlon? This is a 20 mile long run weekend, not sure?
October 10th Fleet Feet Sports Sac. Golden State Sprint Triathlon (+2 miles)
October 17th NWM S.F.
October 31st 5K Mud Run
November 6th Coastal Trail Runs: Lake Chabot 5 mile trail run
November 13th Pacific Coast Trail Runs-Muir Beach 17K
December 19th Pacific Coast Trail Runs-Rodeo Beach 20K
December 26th Coastal Trail Runs: Coyote Ridge 7 mile trail run

Day 26 Recap 06.21.10
  1. Compliment: I went to work, even though the summer solstice, brought me a summer cold
  2. 3 sets of jumping jacks-they are just so fun!
  3. Spent 31 minutes: make that 2 hours napping. I came home from work sick today.
  4. Calories: 1626
  5. Looked in the mirror and am wondering when I should get new clothes. I am at an in between stage where my current size looks baggy, but I am not down to the next lower size completely yet.

    Thankful Three
    1. For lunch with my hubby
    2. For pictures being sent to the 1-hour photo place today so I can finish my scrapbook pages by Wednesday
    3. For my Duder rolling out tortillas with me tonight. He is such a good helper


    Manoj Sharma said...

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    abbi said...

    Hi! I recently found your blog and look forward to reading future posts. Your calendar looks packed! Have fun with all of them!

    Christi said...

    That is a great calendar! Good luck with all your races!