Slow and Steady

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Motivation: 26.2

Today officially started my marathon training program. It is 18 weeks and generally fashioned after the NYC Marathon Beginner's schedule. I will tweak it to include my TRI training and probably will not do the couple weeks of 6 days a week of running that the schedule calls for. Today I had planned to do something fun to kick off the training like running at midnight. Today is a rest day, with tomorrow being the first official run day (3 miles) so midnight tonight sounded neat. Instead my great morning was deflated by hearing about the passing of my great-uncle and a tough emotional day at work. Social Services type work will do that to you. So what can I do to make this kick off week special? There is no failing so I'll just modify my 31 Things list to reflect a fun kick off week vs. kick off in general. I'll be thinking, but in the mean time here are a few reasons why I am running 26.2 on October 17th.
  1. Tiffany's jewelry at the finish
  2. Scenic course
  3. Something to focus on all summer besides the 100 degree heat
  4. To get into my skinny pants
  5. To brag that I finished 26.2
  6. To hopefully have a better 2nd marathon than first
  7. To boost my confidence
  8. To inspire others
  9. To prove to myself that I can
  10. Brownie Sundaes
  11. New running clothes
  12. To be thin enough for new regular clothes
  13. To feel strong
  14. To get watch and sock tan lines while training
  15. To feel like I have accomplished something big before my daughter's first birthday
  16. To have something to blog about for 18 weeks
  17. To continue my path to general fitness
  18. To set an example for...anyone who notices
  19. To be so tired I force myself to actually go to sleep at a decent time
  20. To have an excuse to eat a bazillion calories
  21. Race finish photos
  22. To earn pedicures for myself on a regular basis
  23. To get my tush into shape by training on hills for the course, who doesn't like a perky tush?
  24. I should be hearing about the leadership program selections in October, if I don't get in I won't be too bummed since I'll be psyched about the marathon
  25. To go into Halloween/Thanksgiving/Anniversary time at a decent weight...I love food celebrations
  26. To feel like I have a sexy runner's body (as much as my body can look/feel like that)
.2 Because it'll be freak'n cool

Thankful Three
  1. For a loving family on a really tough day
  2. For staying positive even though my kick off day has changed to a kick off week
  3. For sleep. Good night


Christi said...

I am very excited for you. The marathon you are doing sounds like a lot of fun and someday I hope to do it. Until then I will follow you and your training and live through you vicariously!

Becky said...

I would almost fly to California for the Tiffany jewelry. :) Maybe next year.