Slow and Steady

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit on Wednesday: Momentum

Success comes from taking the initiative and 
following up...persisting...
eloquently expressing the depth of your love. 
What simple action could you take today 
to produce new momentum 
toward success in your life?
~Anthony Robbins

It is pretty late Wednesday night and my Tuesday post didn't post because of a stupid internet connection thing late last night when I typed this so I will just squeeze in the fact that  
You read that right. I have momentum even though the long post I wrote yesterday didn't save when I went to post it and I didn't work out today and I could easily feel like I have lost momentum (gasp for breath because I am rattling information off like a 7th grade girl). Ok, no time for a long post, so here is a bullet recap of what I wrote yesterday:
  • Sunday 20 mile ride rocked (14-15mph) 1hr 20 min
  • Sunday basketball game: WIN, Points 16, Score 44-40
  • Eating? Calorie counting no longer feels like a struggle and I doing well staying within a healthy 1-2 lb per week. I love eating what I want, just in moderation. Calories in and Calories, so simple.
  • Monday swim: 1600yds, I need to get to practice on time so I can get that extra 10 min of swimming in. Also: Flip Turn: Success!
  • Tuesday was my first run on my marathon training schedule: 3 miles, check!
  • Wednesday: no sitter, no swim. Thought about jumping on the bike trainer, but a day off isn't so bad and I have a few core things I going to do once I hit "publish"
  • Challenges this week: No sitter, means no running or swimming during the week. Not the best start to marathon training, but not world ending either. At worst I will miss my 3 mile run Thursday and a couple swims.
  • Nervous Energy=Clean House
  • Momentum: I finally feel like I have regained control over myself: food & exercise, now just to find my stride with work. It's only been a month, but I feel like maybe I expect too much of myself because the momentum at work is not moving at the same speed as the other successes in my life recently. I am doing fine, but I want to be excelling already and I am just doing fine.
Why I Kick A$$: My bestie stopped by today and thought maybe I had a maid come over because my house was so neat....Flip side? Maybe my house is so bad regularly that it couldn't look this good without hired intervention? I'll just take the compliment.
Thankful Three
  1. 21 Season Salute from TJ's
  2. Friends; Thanks D for today and thanks in advance to WC and AW for what is sure to be a great evening
  3. For my precious kids, what can I say, they are just perfect


Christi said...

Momentum rocks! I am so glad that you are feeling good and confident about your workouts and your eating. Can you send some of those good vibes my way?

Molly said...

I am so jealous over your flip turn!!

Yay for Momentum!!!!!

have a great weeekend : )