Slow and Steady

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Motivation: Give...please

Unless someone like you
cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better.  
It's not.  
~Dr. Seuss

This is a repost for a something I put up in May. My birthday is just 6 days way and I wanted to do something fun and different for my 32nd birthday and got this recommendation: Get 32 people to donate $32. Thanks for the idea DS! I was afraid to post this right away for fear I couldn't do it, but if 1 person donates, then this effort will be a success. Please feel free to make a charitable contribution to any organization you want. Below are some of my current favorites. Please choose one of these or one of your own and leave a comment that you donated.

Please do this by June 26th and help me meet this goal of inspiring 32 people to GIVE $32. Shoot, pull out $32 singles and pass them out to 32 homeless people, it doesn't have to be an organization, the idea is just to give.

Thanks in advance for participating. 

Temple Israel Stockton-rebuilding the school fund

Hospice of San Joaquin-In Memory of my grandparents

Saint Joseph's Hospital-In Memory of my cousin, their ICU team was amazing

Why I Kick A$$: I have inspired people to give. Will you give?

Thankful Three
  1. For my hubby who made fajita lettuce wraps for my diet conscious self
  2. For Chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream frosting and a dark chocolate shell (not diet food)
  3. For my birthday count down


Mercedes Ruiz said...

I 'm gonna try and give $32 to a random person. It might not happen before your birthday but atleast I'll do it! I'll tell'em that it was from you for your birthday....ok

Jamoosh said...

Forget the birthday countdown and just celebrate your birthday all week!

Robin said...

Count me in! Thanks for the inspiration to give. $32 to Hospice of San Joaquin. And thanks for inspiring me to be goal oriented... Goal #1 for Robin... volunteer for Hospice.

AmandaB said...

Done! I spread it around a little bit, but the bulk went to my cousin, who is participating in the National Race to End Women's Cancer (as a survivor). :-) Happy Birthday!