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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Peace vs Anxiety

A crust eaten in peace is better 
than a banquet partaken in anxiety.  
~Aesop, Fables

I have been doing so well with my weight loss, counting calories, but not counting out my favorite foods. Week 1 totally sucked and after 4 days I quit. I went a couple weeks of not counting and got to my highest weight since losing weight this past year. Yuck! Over this past spring I have gained a legitimate 5-6 pounds due to the family stress of losing two loved ones in a matter of months. That high weight a few weeks ago was 3-4 pounds above the spring weight gain. So I tried week 1 of calorie counting again. That icky extra 3 dropped quickly which was the motivation I needed to stick with the calorie counting. Week 2 I lost 3 more and here I am week 3 with only 2 (ish) pounds to go to my initial goal weight of 182. This is the weight I was able to maintain most of last year even without peak marathon or TRI training. How exciting is that?! What's even better is that besides the first week, calorie counting has not be very difficult.

This weekend I get to take a break from my busy life and relax. Like the quote says, better to eat in peace. I have had my fair share of anxiety and now it is time to find peace. No half hour lunch break for me tomorrow. I will not be counting restricting myself based on calories for the weekend. I will enjoy good food and good wine. I will enjoy sleeping in, staying up late and hiking the great outdoors in one of the most beautiful places in California or is it Nevada? LOL guess it's Both! Lake Tahoe promises to be beautiful as always and PEACEFUL! I still plan to hit swim practice tomorrow before we leave. House sitter and babysitters are all in place, I have the day off tomorrow so we can make it a long weekend and in addition to my hiking boots, I plan to pack my trail shoes for any exciting dirt paths that call my name. I may not actually run, but I certainly will be prepared to. Happy birthday to me!

New Goals:
  • I don't want to gain a ton of weight this weekend, indulge yes, punish myself with food, no.
  • With my initial 182 goal within reach, my next goal is 180. I believe 180 is sustainable early in the training season
  • Long term: low weight during peak training 177, off season high weight 182) I think a 5 pound swing is the easiest to control
  • July, begin weight training, focusing on back and pectoral strength, core and hip flexor strength and flexibility
Why I Kick A$$: I have nailed every workout this week so far!
Thankful Three
  1. Family to take care of my family
  2. Friends to enjoy the coming weekend with
  3. Being in control again, damn it feels good

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joey said...

Have a good time in Tahoe. Go have lunch at The Beacon Bar & Grill and enjoy a rum runner! HBD!!