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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Make up your mind

Indecision becomes decision with time. 
~Author Unknown

I was so stoked about my Thursday morning run. My partner usually texts me when he is on his way. When he didn't text I felt like maybe he wouldn't make it. When he was 10 minutes late I knew he wouldn't make it. During this time I paced my dinning room with my workout clothes and sneakers on. I was thinking that I was so tired and how nice it would have been to sleep in. I was also secretly hoping he wouldn't come so I could crawl back into bed. Then came the guilt. I don't want to be fat. I want to be fit. I should always choose working out over being lazy. This particular night my daughter had gotten up in the middle of the night so it was a great excuse to say I need sleep. Instead I had internal dialogue from 5:15 to 5:55. I considered hopping on the bike trainer too. The fact is I really wanted to sleep, but felt too guilty giving into that. I crawled into bed at 5:55 for "10 minute" which turned into 20 which turned into speeding to make it to work on time. Do you do this to yourself? 

If you are wondering why I didn't just go run alone you'll have to read this POST from last fall that has me a little skiddish about running solo. The other part is that it was garbage day and that tends to bring in visitors to the neighborhood. They are harmless I am sure, but strangers nonetheless. I just need to go for it and get over the fear, maybe take one or both of the dogs...something?!

Lesson: Have a plan B. I woke up tired, I should have made the decision right then and there that I would go back to bed. Instead I neither got a workout or sleep. Total lose-lose.

Thursday night was almost fantastic, farmers market with my friend W was great. I got enormous organic carrots, golden beets and stopped in the cheese shop for a few sampler sizes of cheese. They are generally .1-.3 lb in size. I got three!
The cheese actually turn out to be the perfect lunch or breakfast size portion. I took a Fiscalli badaged wrapped cheddar and a few slices of baguette to work Friday morning for breakfast. That and a few fresh apricots. Delicious! Why was it only "almost" fantastic? My Bug had a complete blow out as we were leaving. Stripping down a 1 1/2 yr old in a parking garage and going through what seemed like an entire pack of wipes turned out to be quite the adventure. Ah, the joys of parenting. My friend W, totally elevated to saint status for salvaging the wreckage called the stroller the Bug was sitting in.

Yesterday's pool workout turned into a flip turn lesson. I was doing great in the shallows, no problem. I am generally good at mechanics so I wasn't surprised that I was good at it quickly. Then we moved to the deep end and I failed. Seriously, totally failed. I looked like a damn clown flipping and coming up hitting my head on the lane line for pushing off crooked. Then coming up a lane over another time. My coach wants us to flip and be totally face up to the sky when are feet hit and as soon as we push off then turn over. I being the impatient person that I am, got to the deep end and was starting to turn before I pushed off and my feet were totally landing on the wall wrong. Everyone says I'll get better with practice. I personally am frustrated that I wasn't awesome at it before I left the pool. This is how I decided to wreck my diet at 10PM Friday night. I don't know why I do this to myself. Actually I didn't eat any pizza, but devoured like 5 breadsticks.
Today Super Hubby is at a golf tournament and left at 4:30 this AM. I got a text at 7:45 am inviting me to run. The kids were still in bed so the double jogger wasn't an option, I was totally bummed. Although I had to decline that invite, I got to say yes to the next which was for a 20-25 mile bike ride tomorrow morning. If that wasn't a great start to my day, we had a great tot t-ball game and we have a birthday party this afternoon. Wahoo! If my hubby is back early enough maybe I can run tonight.

Why I Kick A$$: I decided against the oreo cookie milk shake Thursday, all 810 calories of it.
Thankful Three
  1. My extended family. I love that my kids have so many cousins to play with
  2. My cheese finds
  3. My nap time so I can type this post

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