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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Motivation: I'm a snob, are you?

~Coco Chanel

So I am kind of a snob. I wasn't always a snob, but somehow I have developed a little snootiness. For example, I was in the woods, hiking along a river that my husband was scouting for a good fly fishing spot. We passed a couple people and I looked down at myself and noticed I was wearing a pair of Adidas jogging pants. Yeah, if I passed myself on this trail I would have guessed that I was out on my first hike. Totally not wearing the right gear. I know life is not all about gear, but are you a snob? Do you consider it to be snobby about appropriate gear for whatever sport strikes your fancy? Maybe snobby isn't the right term, but I figure if I am being judgmental, someone else is judging me...right? My husband doesn't even notice these things.

So while I am more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, I do need to dress appropriately for work. With my wonderful weight loss, that I am totally thankful for, I have not really been fitting in my current wardrobe. So today on my Federal Holiday day off I decided to head into San Francisco and go shopping. Yikes, I kinda over did it, but I am excited about my new outfits. Like Coco Chanel says, you never know when I might have a date with destiny. I am going to do my best to look pretty, but it is tough for me to do in the fashion world. I can totally look the part in the woods despite my Adidas pants fly fishing faux paux, but looking fashionable in a professional environment, not quite my forte´. Wearing the right sneakers for a trailrun vs. road run, check. The right heels with the right dress? Yeah, I usually need to phone a friend.

Are you a snob? Fashionista?

Thanful Three
  1. For a day in San Francisco, I can't wait to see Union Square transformed into the Nike Women's marathon race expo
  2. For a great shopping buddy, seriously was a ton of fun
  3. For an understanding husband. When I told him how much I spent, he said, "Better not lose any more weight, you need to wear those things for a while" LOL lose anymore weight, I am terrified it might come back!


Becky said...

I don't think I'm a running gear snob. I do prefer certain shoes, and there are shorts that I prefer because they don't end up in my butt crack. Ok, and I need a heavy duty sports bra of a certain brand. Maybe I am a snob. But any old, yellowed tech tee will do. There's hope!

Christi said...

I guess I am a snob when it comes to athletic gear and clothing but not my day to day clothing. I used to be much more of a fashionista if you will but lately I have slacked off. Mostly because I can't find the clothes I like in my size. They just don't make cute clothes that fit athletic women.

Anonymous said...

I'm a snob when it comes to running and gym clothes. I just don't understand some of the outfits I see people put together here on blogs and when I'm out at the gym or running. Kinda blows my mind at times.