Slow and Steady

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Watch Tan Lines's gonna be a good year!

Yesterday was the club's practice Tri and it was wonderful! Don't get me wrong, I completely sucked it up, but the course was really well marked and was appropriately challenging for everyone. The course was a 400 yard swim (open water/lake about 65 degrees?), then a 15 mile bike, fairly flat/small rolling hills except the 80ft climb at the end that had me doing the walk of shame on two different turns of the switch back, then a 3 mile trailrun on some rolling hills (yes I had to walk). While the times aren't super exact, I finished in 2:04. It is a slower time than I hoped. Here is the rough break out:

Started at 12:00 ish....Warm Sunny Day

  • 11:30 swim (FYI-first swim of the year for me, like first swim at all, no pool, nothing!)
  • T1 3:30 transition (little dizzy from the swim so I sat down to put on my sneakers)
  • 1:07:00 for the ride (WOW, I thought this would be the easiest part for me, but my quads were on strike and I could hardly get my legs to turn over the first 5 miles)
  • T2-all of a 1 minute transition to run. I left my Power Gel at transition in the sun and I had to choke down a hot Caffeinated Strawberry Banana gel & some water before I left transition. I don't use clip ins, so I only switched from helmet to visor, makes for a quick transition usually, the gel thing threw me off a little.
  • 41 minute run-My legs felt good as I left the transition area and headed for the fire roads, the slight climb at the beginning had me walking. This was quite unexpected, but I rolled with it. Ran/walked-had a little Gatorade at the aid station and continued on the rolling hills. I was pretty fortunate to have met a teammate on the run who coached me through some Chi Running. She was just "training" and stayed with me until I feigned needing to walk to encourage her to leave me behind. No she wasn't as slow as I am, she just so happened to double the swim to get the most out of the training day and that is why she was coming in behind me. After she finished, she doubled back to help me through the last 3/4 mile. She is a physical therapist and was able to coach me through some poor downhill form too. Lucky me, training day AND personalized coaching!
While I am not thrilled with my performance I am pretty proud of myself for showing up, finishing, not being completely toast when I got home and only sore in the back from the ride. Did I mention I love being in a Tri club. I can't even tell you how awesome it was to get the season nerves out, find my set point so I can focus and have such awesome teammates! BTW, one of my favorite things about outdoor exercise of any sort is the tan lines. When I was younger and played basketball I used to love coming home with bruises. These war wounds made me feel like I earned each workout. Well that is what my watch tan and ankle sock tan do for me with running/Triathlon. I got the beginnings of both with yesterday's workout and I am on a mission to make them more defined. In the winter, it is the dirt line left after a trailrun that gets me jazzed up.

What are the markings of a great workout/season for you?

Thankful Three

  1. For finding a last minute hotel room for Avenue of the Giants (1/2 marathon) this weekend.
  2. For sticking with my no eating after 8:00, pat on the back for me.
  3. Getting into the Nike Women's Marathon (SF)...yes I am still on cloud 26.2


Christi said...

You had a great day with the tri club! I just joined the local tri club and I am excited to start hanging out with them.

I love tan lines as well. They are our battle scars. Though, I usually wreck at least once a year and end up with some real battle scars.

Have a great week!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i think a tri club may be what i need to actually get in to tri's...right now the biking and i just do not get along