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Thursday, April 8, 2010

i CaN ReAd!

Ok so I mostly post about some sort of workout, or lack there of, then some complaining followed by promises to do better. Today you get to hear about my amazing book club. So we are a group of women, mostly moms, somewhere between the ages of 25-35 (ish). Some of us are working moms, others are stay at home and all of us have some sort of gift, talent or uniqueness that make each of us marvel at the fact that we have such cool friends. Tonight we added to our group and I was so excited to meet new people and further amazed at how quickly we find connection with each other. One might think we get stuck on stupid talking about our kids, but I promise we have other things to talk about. One thing we inevitably come back to is the 2 degrees of separation. We all have the same connection to a small wine country town in California. If we aren't from this place we know someone or married someone from this place. It is ridiculously funny that we literally can connect anyone we know from this place by no more than 2 degrees of separation.

In addition to talking about knowing someone who knows someone, our book club actually reads. There were 5 of us who were all pregnant at the same time last fall and we kind of fell off the wagon, but we are back in full force with a fun new selection of books. Because most of us are moms and some working moms we are a generous book club. We alternate a dinner and book discussion month with movie night month. We never meet at anyone's house because G-d forbid that we have to clean up and feed people. Book club is our escape, a chance to just be girls and it is low key enough that we give ourselves 2 whole months to read a book with a fun movie night to tie our monthly meetings together.

Tonight I got to munch on crazy good blue cheese fries, buffalo wings and a sampler of beer at the local brewery while laughing at some great stories. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Bookies, can't wait for next month.

So, what do you read? I would love to hear from people about some favorite reads. If you are not a follower now, is a great time to follow my blog and share your thoughts on some good reads...sports related or not.

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AmandaB said...

I used to have a wine & book club with my girlfriends down here, but people weren't doing the reading. It's hard to discuss a book when you're the only one who has read it. :-( I love reading just about anything I can get my hands on. Lately I've been into "light" stuff (read: trashy romance novels!). I usually have a few books in progress. Right now, in addition to a trashy romance, I'm also working on "A Reliable Wife," and "The Historian."