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Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 Changes Challenge

Ok, I think Challenges are Brilliant and so are blog rolls. Without perusing the favorite blogs of my favorite blogs I never would have found Amanda at RunToTheFinish. Lots of positive things happening for me this past week and discovering the 3 Changes Challenge is one of them. So here are things I will commit to do from now until at least May 13th.
  1. No eating after 8:00, my hubby is on board with this one so I get some encouragement right here at home.
  2. 5 minutes of ABs everyday. Yes I know, what is 5 minutes going to do for me? Well, hopefully it will become the jumping off point. I have to start somewhere and this 5 month post-pardum belly will benefit from any amount of attention at this point.
  3. This one is big, it will be the key to my success in running, triathlon and overall commitment to staying fit, are you ready? No more than 2 consecutive rest days. Big right?! My biggest challenge is consistency and boy do I have every excuse in the book. Baring any major health issues I should be able to stick to this and I know it will have a lasting effect on my health. I just need to remember that a 20 minute run is better than no run. Sometimes I don't workout because the amount of time I can squeeze out on busy days doesn't seem worth it. Here is a change in the though process, every minute of working out counts.
So in addition to finding this fabulous challenge I also found myself in a conversation with a friend of mine. We both live lives we are proud of and know there is no shortage of things to be thankful for. We talked about how sometimes we play down how happy we are because of unhappy people around us. We don't want to seem braggy, just happy, so instead we just don't talk too much about the great things going on in our lives except with each other. I too being an eternal pessimist, usually about my own personal accomplishments (e.g. not good enough), often times take for granted the things that are important to me. When reading about the 3 Changes Challenge, I noticed the author also does "Gratitude Journal" entries. I do this (not consistently) on a Star Wars Dry Erase board that is stuck to my fridge. In addition to the occasional fridge note, I am going to start blogging a "Thankful Three". I am not making this part of the the 3 Changes Challenge because I don't know how long I want or will realistically keep it up, but for the sake of this positive wave I am riding here goes...

Thankful Three
  1. For my 50 bike ride on a perfectly sunny day, not hot, just perfectly sunny
  2. A husband who snores next to me on the couch while I blog, I could be alone.
  3. Two gorgeous kids who took their naps together today, hence my ability to blog in the middle of the afternoon on the couch instead of late at night tucked in bed

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Christi said...

I love both ideas!