Slow and Steady

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Seven

1. Finally getting some sleep. Cutting out the Bug's dinner time nap has worked wonders.
2. Volunteering this weekend was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. A 3 day workshop was cut down to 2 and we produced 122 cakes, 50 more than last year in less time overall. They are always a hit at the food fair.
3. I got a nap yesterday, goodness gracious it was amazing...I need like 50 more and I might be caught up.
4. This morning I got a nice little run in before the rains came. It was only 2 miles, but it came with a donut shop "aid station" at the half way point. My son enjoyed the run and the donut with sprinkles he got to eat 1/2 of when we got home.
5. Today after a playdate with my former running partners (the cutest married couple ever), I bought a Brand New (to me) used jogging stroller. After the rains cleared my family and I went out for frozen yogurt. I can't believe how easy this stroller rides and it was such a steal on craigslist.
6. Now that I am home and reflecting on the day, I really miss my friends. They moved about 45 minutes away and we just don't get to run any more. L has lost 20 lbs on his own and has already done a 1/2 marathon this year and D is 5 lbs away from her goal and her doctor just released her to run (she is also a new mom to a second child). And here I am squeezing in runs to the donut shop, not quite the right motivation. I really miss their company on runs, support when I wanted McDonald's fries for every meal and just the overall feeling that I had partners. New partner(s) I look forward to meeting you. I have had plenty of one time partners, couple weeks-months type partners, single event and event only type partners, those who have out grown me because they learned they were faster and those who have dropped off because of the time commitment. I appreciate every minute I have trained with someone else because while running can be an individual sport, it feels like social time for me. Here is a pic of me and my partners taking a rest after our first 1/2 marathon back in 2005.

7. On the horizon this week I must log a long run as I did not get one in this weekend, 8 miles should be plenty. Tuesday is Soul Food night with some book club friends, we are discussing The Help, highly recommended BTW. Friday is a big wine tasting day with some friends. Yes the work-a-holic is taking a much needed day off. Sunday is the metric 1/2 century bike ride. I'm really looking forward to this week.

So bloggy blog friends, tell me who your running partners are and why you need them?


Christi said...

I have some great running partners. The first set of partners I have are my best friends. We run when we can but not nearly enough. The other set of people that I run with are other people who train with our coach. We meet every Saturday and always have great runs! They are the best!

Have a great week!


Have fun with the jogger! My running partner is G. We do the majority of our training together and she is my best friend. We also run with 10 other women. Sometimes all of us get together and sometimes only a few. Regardless, we always have fun!