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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Sampler: Positive and Glamorous

 Though no one can go back and 
make a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now and 
make a brand new ending.  
 ~Author Unknown

Oh where have I been?! Well we had a nice day in New York on Monday. Coincidentally Monday was our 7 year anniversary. We woke up, had a lovely breakfast, walked through Central Park, hit the Jewish Museum then did some window shopping at FAO Schwartz  before catching a flight back to California at 7:00 PM, at Terminal 7, Gate 7. Totally not kidding, how cool is that? Lucky day right? Well I didn't get a lottery ticket, but I did get a text from my boss as soon as we landed in San Francisco that if I needed to rest, I should take the day off Tuesday. Uh, yes please! Tuesday was great, I woke up with energy, went to the Berkeley-Oakland area, did some shopping, had pizza at Zachary's on College Avenue then stopped by Bittersweet for a slice of hot chocolate cake and a chocolate chai over ice. Delish! I got home around 2:30 and it happened...THE WALL. Good lord, I was a mess. I laid on the couch, watched MTV I used to be fat and dosed off a little. I did not dose enough. It was Tuesday how was I going to survive the week?

I had already pre-planned a dinner out with friends for Wednesday, so while I was tired and worked a long day, I went out any way. I am so glad I did. We talked babies, kids, husbands, home renovations, Brazilian waxing and hot fresh donuts. I tell you what, girlfriends are the best. What I got most out of this outting was some rejuvenation. I have been in a funk. First it was one thing, then PMS, then stress eating because I was afraid of leaving my kids for our east coast weekend...SHEESH a girl can only stand so much. So when I woke up Thursday morning and was about to post to Facebook that I was exhausted, I stopped myself. If I want to be happy, I need to act happy. So I decided to reframe my thought and instead posted that I was glad it was Thursday and that it wasn't too cold outside. Pretty simple huh? Well let me tell you, it made all the difference in the world. I had a great day, then that night my brother in-law and future SIL came over and we gave them their wedding present early. It was a really nice night. Thursday was December 1st. I love the first of anything. First of the month, Monday's, first of the year etc. It is an opportunity to start fresh. So I decided for the month of December, I am going to try not to complain so much and re-frame negative thoughts and statements into more manageable and if at all possible, POSITIVE thoughts. This little 31 day exercise should prime me quite nicely for starting 2012 off on the right foot.

Anyone have there New Year's Resolutions or 
Goals lined up yet?

Friday, OMG, it was supposed to be easy, but it was crazy! In a good way. Work was long, but super productive. Then I got to have dinner with my mom, two nieces, two aunts and family friend for my nieces birthday. We went to Tower Cafe in Sacramento and it is such a great place, highly recommended. Then on the way home my cousin texted that I should stop by so I got even more fun family time, this time over Champagne with pomegranate arils in them. Lovely!

Then for the big one, today. Yes I was exhausted. Yes I kinda woke up sick. BUT. I woke up and made chocolate-white chocolate swirl fudge, rice krispie treats died with food coloring, cut into squares and tied with a white bow so they looked like Tiffany's boxes and picked up balloons for my future SIL's bridal shower today. The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's and the guests got to take home pearl bracelet's with a little bling bead as a party favor and my MIL made fake cigarettes with dowel rods, painted black, white and with red glitter on the end for effect. It was such a GLAMOROUS party and hopefully my future SIL felt loved.

Big Picture: Sleep Deprivation is temporary, friends, family and memories are forever.
Why I Kick A$$: While I wasn't officially the hostess, I think I pulled off my part of the shower in a positive way despite being completely drained.
Thankful Three:
  1. For friends who bake. ER you made gorgeous and amazingly delicious cupcakes for today's event. Fabulous!!
  2. For now occupies all my free time
  3. For an invite to the gym, I am way over due. 

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Jamoosh said...

I gave up on resolutions awhile back. That said, I am working out my goals. Have some tough decisions to close out the year.