Slow and Steady

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Tidbit: Totally unorginal

Insist upon yourself. Be original.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can be so unoriginal. It is kinda funny. When I read about peoples goals and aspirations I am not only inspired, but moved to act. You want a promotion? OMG me too. Actually that is how I got my job! A guy in one of my Master's classes said he was applying for the Presidential Management Fellows Program run through OPM. I, that is really cool, I should apply for fellowships! I got in, he didn't. You are on a diet? I need to start one too. You're training for a half marathon? I should too. I am not a totally copy cat, but I sure do like easy ideas that float into my path. In addition to riding the wave of inspiration around me, I am creating some of my own.

I have been having trouble getting motivated lately, but the clouds have parted and the sun is shining in my life. Where is the sunshine coming from? A decluttered house, a decluttered email inbox, having had 5 days off work, finally researching my son's kindergarten application process and seeing everyone's amazing new years goals on FB. I feel like I have it together and I am ready to add in the things I need to maintain my physical and mental health. What I have going so far:
  • Choosing a week in the summer for our family vacation
  • Deciding on a new investment to help build our future and plan for the kids college education
  • Picking a couple races I would like to do in the spring-hopefully hitting some trail runs
  • Rearranging my living room
Not amazingly exciting, but exciting for me. We already know vacation will be in Mammoth Lakes, so it is just a matter of picking the right week. As for races, I have actually found that it is difficult to commit to a race date too far in the future. I am never confident in what will happen between now and then so I hesitate and rarely follow through. I figure planning something for Jan-March shouldn't take too much out of me commitment wise. I like refocusing on finances a few times a year too. While the furniture rearranging is a necessary evil, I am enjoying mixing things up around here. Coming plans, New Years Resolutions and other fun stuff.

Questions for you:
  1. Do you plan you races far out into the future?
  2. Are you an investor? Conservative, Day Trader or IDK my adviser handles that? LOL my hubby is my adviser so I would normally say, IDK he does it all, but I am taking the reigns and picking one that I will personally contribute to every pay period and follow on my SmartPhone for fun.
Why I Kick A$$: Walked into work 115 email, left work 4 left in the inbox and I didn't just hit delete.
The Big Picture: Motivation will ebb and flow, but at the end of the day I usually break even or better yet, often times I end up ahead in physical and mental accomplishments. Why? Because I do such a good job when I do try and don't stay in a slump long enough to seriously undo my efforts.

Thankful Three:
  1. For our last night of Chanukah, I love the glow of a fully lit Chanukiah
  2. For financial discussions with my hubby, it makes me feel like we are a good team
  3. For a great day at work


Teamarcia said...

I have an idea of races I wanna do that are far off but I don't usually commit unless they'll sellout.
Yay for the decluttered state of your life right now. That is a great accomplishment!

Christi said...

You motivate me! Now I need to follow through!

Hey, I am doing this pay-it-forward kind of thing. Could you please email me your address? christikeiseryahoocom.

Thanks and enjoy your time off!